22 Year Old Suzuki GSX-R1100 Wins World Wheelie Championship

The World Wheelie Championship witnessed a great surprise this year. All these days, new model bikes have been aiding the riders in claiming titles. But, this year a 22 year old Suzuki GSX-R1100 was the bike that won the trophy. According to MotorCycleNews, ‘A 22-year-old Suzuki GSX-R1100 with a homemade turbo defeated dozens of modern GSX-R1000s, turbo Hayabusas and a BMW S1000RR in last weekend’s world wheelie championships at Elvington, Yorkshire.

The bike belongs to Egbert Van Popta, who is basically a German and now living in Holland. It was his bike and he won the trophy as mentioned above. This particular trophy winning GSX-R1100 was bored to displace 1127 cc. The best fact that is to be mentioned here is that Egbert crossed the line at a blistering average speed of 169.4 mph which is a whooping 272.6 kmph.

What made everybody stay astonished was that while every single rider with new bikes crossed the end line in third gear, Egbert managed to flash the line with his bike still in the fifth gear.  What rider is he?  Wheelie at an average speed of around 270 kmph and that too in fifth gear. (Oh, My Goodness!)

The event organiser and a former wheelie champion Dave ‘Dodge’ Rogers said, “He rolls up to the start line in top gear at around 4-5,000rpm then just uses the torque to cover the km on the back wheel This means he doesn’t have to change gear on the back wheel, making it much safer.”

The event also saw the Holeshot Racing’s Yamaha R6 which was turbocharged to touch 180 mph as against the normal speed of 165 mph.

Team owner Jack Frost told Motorcyclenews.com, “I wanted to turbo-charge the R6 because nobody else has. I want to beat some of the bigger bikes here today, because for not a lot of money – five grand on top of the price of the bike – you’ve got a better power-to-weight ratio than a MotoGP bike. It’s more powerful than a full-on superbike. It’s a great little toy. Some people start putting long bodywork and other alterations to get the most speed out of a machine, but this looks just like the standard bike. That’s the appeal.

He also added, “It’s the same size turbo as we’d put on a 1000cc machine, because that bike revs up to 16,000rpm. It’s the equivalent to a 300bhp turbo on a car”.

How great would it feel to ride a turbo-charged machine that is capable of revving a max of 16000 rpm. These 2 bikes are indeed certainly capable of making any biker go mad.

Source : motorcyclenews.com

Author – BikeAdvice.in