2022 Classic 350 Accessories & Prices Revealed

2022 Classic 350 accessories list is long and offers fair bit of options for customization and upgrade. Also listed are part prices…

Following the launch of the all-new Classic 350 from Royal Enfield its accessories have also been updated by the company at the official website.

Riders are known to take Royal Enfield bikes for long tours. The company has taken special care for them. The Chennai based maker is offering a wide variety of accessories to choose from which can be equipped on the stock Classic 350.

The official list of accessories includes engine guards in various shapes and varying price ranges. You also get panniers, footpegs, alloy wheels, rider and pillion touring seats in a different color, touring wind visor, pillion backrest pad, bar-end mirrors, and touring mirrors, etc.

Here is the complete listing of all the 2022 Classic 350 accessories along with their prices.

2022 Classic 350 accessories

2022 Classic 350 Accessories

AccessoriesPrice in INR
Black Airfly Evo Engine Guard3550
Silver Airfly Evo Engine Guard3950
Silver Airfly Engine Guard4250
Black Airfly Engine Guard3950
Black Trapezium Engine Guard2950
Silver Octagon Engine Guard3450
Silver Sumpguard2750
Silver Trapezium Engine Guard3150
Black Deluxe Footpegs2500
Silver Deluxe Footpegs2500
Bar End Mirror Mounts550
Black Commuter waterproof Inner Bag1150
Black Commuter Pannier1950
Black Commuter Pannier Rail1800
Black Style 2 Alloy wheels12,500
Black Style 2 Alloy wheels12,500
Black touring Passenger Seat2950
Brown Touring Passenger Seat2950
Black Touring Rider Seat3750
Brown Touring Rider Seat3750
Black rear Rack2750
Silver Rider Seat Springs1150
Silver Aero Visor850
Black Aero Visor850
Touring Windscreen3950
Black Passenger backrest pad950
Brown Passenger backrest pad950
Brown Pleated Seat Cover1000
Black Pleated Seat Cover1000
Black Passenger backrest Mount1600
Black Bar end mirrors5800
Black Touring Mirrors6250
Black Low Ride rider seat2500
Brown Low Ride rider seat2500

That is a long list of parts through which you can customize your motorcycle.