2014 Karizma R Quick First Ride Impressions & Pic Gallery [Reader Share]

So, after a long wait, the 2014 Karizma R is out in the dealerships with the ‘On Sale’ tag. Though, the 2014 Karizma R has received not-so-good initial impressions by our readers, let us tell you that the bike doesn’t look as bad as the pics tell you.


Nonetheless, coming straight to the point, our reader Tauseef from Mumbai, who shared with us the pics of the 2014 Karizma R from a showroom in Mumbai yesterday also took a small test ride at the dealership and has shared with us how he felt about the bike. It must be known that Tauseef already owned the First-Gen Karizma for many years before selling it off recently.

2014 Karizma Initial Review [Reader’s Share]

Here are his words on the new 2014 Karizma R:

  • Same charm of the old Karizma
  • Rear brakes were loose
  • Excellent Pick up
  • Gear shifts were good
  • Vibrations observed on the fairing
  • Engine was absolutely new so it was not revving as freely
  • Horn is better and more audible
  • Rider’s seat was softer compared to the pillion
  • Overall posture was comfortable with the new clip-ons

The ride, as he tells us, was about 2 kms long only and he rated himself as ‘satisfied’. Apart from the fairing noise, there was nothing really which could be reported as a con.

Here are a lot of pics of the bike along with our comments on them.


Side profile with that sleek flowing tail looks sporty!


That’s the complete face with the in-thing ‘eyebrows‘. They should look attractive during the dark


That’s with the upper ON


We are in 2014 and Karizma still gets the same old dual-shock absorbers! No monoshock even on ZMR!


New ZMA R gets high-raised clip-on handle bars


The silencer appears to be the same just the heat shield is all-new to give it a ‘refreshing’ look


2014 Karizma R also gets split seats. The rider’s look about okay, but it would be interesting to see pillion’s comfort


That is the controversial tail lamp. We are yet to make an opinion about it ­čśÇ


The ‘R’ badging along with the ‘Premium Sports’ tag at the fairing.


That’s the difference between ZMA-R and ZMA – the fuel ‘T’ corresponding to the carburetor


Another view of the fairing. Doesn’t it remind you of Pulsar 220?


This time its not only a cosmetic enhancement. Hero has increased power output to 19.2bhp and 19.35Nm of torque.


The instrument cluster appears to be the same as the older Karizma


For the first time Karizma gets a half-chain cover. The older Karizma comes with a complete-closed chain set! Wonder if that is an O-Ring chain.

New-2014-Hero-Karizma-R-Pics-Price (27)

That’s about its height!

New-2014-Hero-Karizma-R-Pics-Price (26)

Another view of the Instrument cluster and the handlebar. Notice the extra long visor!

New-2014-Hero-Karizma-R-Pics-Price (23)

Yes, that is the number place holder

2014 Karizma R Prices:

  • 2014 Karizma R On Road in Pune: Rs 93,084
  • 2014 Karizma On Road in Mumbai: ~94,000

So, anything decided yet…?

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