For quite some time, rumors of GS150R upgrade was being whispered around the internet. Now this rumor comes to an end with the spy shots posted by GS150R Facebook community. The 2012 GS150R is expected to be launched around the last quarter of 2011. If you know more about 2012 GS150R, share it with us!

Thanks to Naga Mani, Reader of BikeAdvice.

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  • Chandranshu Dwivedi

    Looking damn cool in white!
    Only one thing to say:

  • fas

    Only white colour, rest is all the same.! You need to give it better upgrades Suzuki!

  • gup

    I had planned to take the delivery of the GS 2010 edition this week . Now a disturbing and confusing news. Its very tempting to wait for the new design and colour (: . What should i do now???????????????

    • ganesh a m

      go for black colour , its good.


    But the bike and tyre looks as if it was used for a long time….

  • vishnukmd

    The bike seems to be registered in an RTO. See the number plates of the new GS and other bikes in the picture. How can someone register a vehicle in an RTO before it is available in the market? I think it is a Photoshop trick.

  • Pritam H.Dhamde

    Kudos to suzuki.
    Super like pics.
    Hope the engine is upgraded too!

  • Sachin

    Any changes in engine specification?

  • Yila

    I expected a rear disk brake and tubeless tyre as part of the upgraded model, as this is already having all other wonderful necessary features of a 150 CC premium bike, like, best-in-class console and rear lights, 6 gears, very linear power delivery etc. to name a few. For a bike like this, the headlight should be upgraded to at least 65W for safe night riding, even though it has best-in-class illumination now, but within 35W, which is certainly very weak for highway. Suzuki, please take a note of this.

  • akki

    nice move by suzuki….wish it would had been more sportier!

  • NSP

    not enough to rule Indian roads

  • rajil

    is it new gs150r or just the concept model ?

  • leastbothered

    new colors.. thats it?

  • rohith

    those who dont know nthing abt bikes may dont like GS is one of the best bike in india..

  • Ahmed

    WOW! this bike is awesome you must buy it must have a ride on it !! 🙂

  • sriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    worst bike i never seen………

    • ramesh bista

      how did u feel it worst..i surprise . 100+ speed without any vibration fully controlled sound of the engine almost unheard . design might b different to ur choice . it seems a bit weak in upgrading off roads. rest all very good

  • Sreejith Ramesh Nair

    The on of the best bike in its segment. Only to upgrade the model to attract people. This Color and other small changes is not enough to attract the public, to make changes in entire model like first CBZ and the next model CBZ

  • Deepak Gupta

    Sriiiii, worst bike hai to tu mat ride kar….tere layak nahi hai waise b ye bike..

  • vishal

    not good……..
    this changes is not enough……..

  • sagar

    wow man….i always wanted a Bike white in colour!!
    since i cudnt got it thn,i had to buy blu GS150R..
    too happy with the performance(for wch i chosen ths bike)..
    but m thnkn i shud hav waited..
    but if u r a GSR fan..u just cant wait!!

  • Revlon Oliver

    Hi Ppl,

    Does anybody know the release date of the new Suzuki GS150R bike…??!
    Im eagerly waiting to purchase one…!!

  • this is the best 150cc bike i hve ever seen
    see the features 51km/ltr
    best suspensions
    topclas looks
    2 modes
    6 gears
    therez no other bike which gives such fantastic featurees
    and pulsar is bloody bajaj /nd suzuki iz worlds best company in bikes
    pulsar is only fr stunts /it has nothing 2 do with racing nd milege
    fz=poor fiber body nd avg of 35km./ltr
    apache iz again poor with milege

  • Subith

    No change in other parts except handle bars and colour.worst bike

  • Riku Rajkhowa

    Need to upgrade more in style section……


    NISE LOOK BUT this is not full sporty

  • Krishna

    If they have changed only the color, then its not upgrading a bike. I expected

    1) Tube less tyres
    2) A rear disc brake
    3) More color varities

    but the above seems that nothing has changed other than the color.Why is Suzuki India not thinking of better things for this humble beast. With out adding atleast one of the above features in the bike, its better not to release


  • sandeep

    Don’t look like new model..seems photo taken in a local service station…

  • sam

    There is no official announcement of new model or launch date yet…these may be rumors…so just wait and watch…else go for old model…if above pics are real then it’s just a cosmatic change…nothing new or attractive except the price hike…

  • Antonysg

    New model looks good. Hope it is a bit lighter. Photos are taken in a suzuki service station, as all other vehicles in background are also suzuki vehicles. Rear disk in 150cc bikes like dazzler and hunk are just for show and they are not very effective. But still, suzuki should also provide rear disk brake option.

  • shubh

    I am eager to buy this bike but come to know that within two months new model with rear disc brakes, tubeless tyres and enhanced engine with higher torque and bhp is coming. I want to know whether its true or not. More-over do Suzuki people allows to upgrade current model with tubeless tyres..? If this news is fake then i will pick up the old model with tubeless tyres. Please confirm me .

  • antony

    Hope the new gs150r is 5 kg lighter. They should make it lighter like SZ-R.

    • Sabab Rahman

      i’m also expecting that… but i guess weight will be the same…

  • pranay

    when launched new GS150R

  • Kishan

    Wow check the website it has come.

  • Waqas Yezdi

    Awesome Bike…. so cool…. without vibration is the most effective features for the bikers….advanced features, its big difference with pulsur or other bikes. Now new model in white color, it’s driving me crazy.. i’ll buy it soon….

  • ratan

    what is the varage diffrence betw new and old gs milage .. ?

  • *LoneWolf*

    This is nice but i wonder the color if can it match our regular outfits? Black is one ideal color that matches all. I am going to screw my passion pro next year and either get a gladiator or GS.

  • sunny

    i think the handle must be little shorter it looks more sporty


    i buy suzuki gs and its very perfomance to long ride very powrefull engine and i get 62 milage

  • sam

    frndz am going to buy a 150 cc bike ,am so confused about the two bikes honda cb unicorn and suzuki gs 150 r,plz say which is more good

  • Arun

    Hey Frends… Booked GS150R white last week… I ll get by next week… :-).. Waiting for my White Tiger…