When one is talking about the Indian biking scene, one cannot ignore the name – Pulsar. It is one bike which revolutionized the biking market in India. Of course there are some people who don’t prefer Pulsar but there seems to be more fans for Pulsar than any other single bike brand in India.

And what else will be more talk-worthy on BikeAdvice than a news about the next generation –Β 2012 Bajaj Pulsar?

The new line of Pulsars may be launched by the end of this year. The following spy pictures started appearing on the web in the past few days. These Pulsars were supposedly being tested in Pune – that’s where Bajaj manufactures the bikes.

One thing that can be noticed immediately in this pic is that the bikes have monoshock – it’s time they did it, right?

Rumor has it that since Bajaj manufactures KTM duke here in India, Bajaj will be using the KTM’s engine for the Pulsar.

More information about these Pulsars will be posted soon. If you have more info about it please share in the comments…

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  • Jean

    Guys did u notice that the silencer is hidden in these images.. Where could it be placed? Also on the Engine some name written in red color reminds me of the Honda Badge..

    • upendra phadke

      yes exactly;..These spy pics looks more like the New Honda Unicorn Dazzler than the upcoming Pulsar.

      • sreekanth

        Its not a Honda bike guys..!! Its a KTM Engine…its written as KTM Racing not HONDA..!!! πŸ™‚
        and the exhuast is present below the chassis ot the engine…its not visible in these pics…but a bike cannot run without an exhuast right?? Think of it πŸ™‚

    • Jaison

      Guys chkout d pics f 2012 duke 200 india u will find d same ‘ktmracing’ logo on d engine n no ways ktm will bajaj parts lik tail lamps or mirrors …….so it might be pulsar 200 using techz frm ktm
      its a liquid cooled engine can clearly see flexi rubbr pipe coming out below tank scoops into d engine so not a less than 200
      silencer will be lik duke under engine one chkout duke pics but dey r gonna cover it wid a engine guard as in duke digimetr is a bit diff frm old n head light looks as ducati er6n just launched one
      grt rail grabs pillion will love it

      overall its a mixture(sajjige bajil)of duke n pulsar lols n lols πŸ˜€

  • Abhijeeth

    Are you sure that this one is the new Bajaj Pulsar? I doubt it. Cos the front end directly resembles to Honda Unicorn Dazzler and if you observe the second picture closely you can find ‘HONDA’ logo on the engine mask!

    These spy pics looks more like the New Honda Unicorn Dazzler than the upcoming Pulsar.
    This is my opinion.

    • sreekanth

      Its not a Honda bike ..!! Its a KTM Engine…its written as KTM Racing not HONDA..!!!
      and the exhuast is present below the chassis ot the engine…its not visible in these pics…but a bike cannot run without an exhuast right?? Think of it

    • Jaison

      Guys guys guys its not a honda or duke its d new pulsar trust me ive gone thru lots f these webz

  • Himanshu

    it seems in future bikes are more of dirt ype

    • sreekanth

      Very true…naked bikes have become a trend now..!! πŸ™‚
      All the best to the new upcoming Pulsar !!!

  • Gulam Yezdani

    For my money it looks like next generation Uni Dazzler.. Logo on the engine, faring, front mud guard and instrument console.

  • Gulam Yezdani

    and the seating position looks very uncomfortable, i won’t be surprised if it reveals to be just a mod!

  • Anant Singhal

    You guys are really just wanting more hite to your blog by giving misleading pictures. This cannot be a Pulsar. Grow up guys !

    And Deepak, really ?

    • srikanth

      checkout the website named on the picture. it has more images and proofs that it is a bajaj bike(and possibly pulsar). if anyone thinks the logo on engine is HONDA..it is not. take a closer look, the word there is something longer than Honda..

    • sreekanth

      why would Deepak fool us?? come on..!!!
      anyways u need to think more wise…!! Instead of telling others to grow up…u should grow up first…!!
      dont take my words seriously otherwise…but yes it is true that this is the upcoming Pulsar sharing KTM RACING engine…!! πŸ™‚

    • mosin

      Are you nuts i bet you on this that this is a pulsar you say to grow up then your age should be somewhare of my grandpa’s age

  • Hari

    Looks very bad. If these are the new pulsar, then bajaj will be in trouble.

  • rathinaprakash

    The name on the engine looks like HONDA not a bajaj

    • sreekanth

      If you have known that there is an Austrian firm called KTM??
      So on the engine its written KTM Racing and its neither HONDA nor Bajaj!!!
      Since Bajaj holds some amout of share in KTM, bajaj will be using KTM’s engines for the new pulsar’s..!!!

  • joel

    Its KTM Duke

  • bhargav

    Looks lite FZ + KTM duke

  • Shubham

    I want to take a new pulsr135ls .
    Should i wait for the new pulsrs 2012 or i must take the old one model
    which one is better
    nd i also want to ask that bajaj has changed the models only or the engines also….plz rply

  • Santanu Das

    It looks more like an fusion dazzler front end(floating cowl,visor) with ls 135 rear end(tail lights,indicators,grab rail,number plate holder).

    The orange logo on the lower hemisphere on the engine mask reminds me of KTM racing logo…and the exhaust pipe is under body (as in duke 125/200) .

    The rear disc is missing too replaced by a drum…they just degraded i guess :'(

    If this is the next pulsar..the RIP Pulsar (2001 – 2011)

  • Arun

    its Dazzler modified with pulsar rear assembly ! πŸ™‚

  • Ashish

    It’s a fake . . . .. . ..
    just zoom on the 2nd pic you can clearly see the name HONDA on the engine and the swing arm is also a Clearly visible HONDA….. πŸ˜›

  • pulkit arora

    bike seem to be honda unicorn new look

  • rahim

    Hello Mr Deepak thank you for your notification
    the bajaj bike model 2012made me very surprised because of being monoshock .

  • fas

    Its the Duke 125, which gets a Pulsar treatment.

  • R Sai Srinivas

    i got it ! it’s Pulsar 128cc !

  • sairam

    its a KTM engine and thats a KTM bike …not pulsar 220….

    • ron syl

      yup… here only 2 pics are there. in another site there are many of which in one pic u can see KTM written on the engine. but WTh! y would they put some features of pulsar on KTM? or is it a pulsar bike with ktm tech?

  • Pritam

    Guys,i guess its the pulsar.
    Coz look at the mirrors.
    They are pulsar type mirrors.
    N also abt the red logo on engine.
    Its the ktm logo.
    Bajaj might be testing ktm duke 200’s engine,on their test bikes.
    N later if the engines are good enough,they will name it bajaj.
    In any angle dis is nt a dazzler.

  • Vini

    Wow Finally !! Mono-shock is a welcome change:) But Drum Brake!? Btw Where’s the exhaust !! I don’t even see the smaller exhaust like that of KTM !
    The head light and tank design is similar to that of a Pulsar 135! I think it is similar to the Duke..

  • Harneet Singh

    check the xbhp link , and you can see the standard PULSAR tail light … a brave move by BAJAJ to counter YAMAHA … but I am fed up of all PULSARS around , i kind of HATE it now ; although proud of the revolutionary bike ; BAJAJ ought to have a NEW BRAND name as powerful as “PULSAR”

  • Akash Yadav

    Honda has launched new color changed version of Unicorn Dazzler. Also, KTM does showcase the orange colored logo similar to Honda on the engine casing. This new version has LED tail lamps. Honda’s top model CBR 250R lacks LED. So how on this sweet green earth they will launch a new bike with LED tail lamps? If you have noticed, the rear axle has a lot of free space available, perfect for fitting a disk brake assembly. Its a test mule and Bajaj is famous for changing the looks by huge amounts on the production and launch vehicle. Not every orange color is Honda.

    • Vijay

      Well Said…

    • sreekanth

      well replied πŸ™‚

  • seyon

    Hey look,this bike is got rear drum brakes..

  • hemnath

    Its an assembled bike. People are crazy, the guy has done some modifications to his biike.. Can’t you guys figure out that.

  • aravind

    guys its surely not a pulsar…. some honda test vehicle…..

  • ITS A NEW FACELIFTED PULSAR 135 LS. See this image http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/1692/pulsar135facelift.jpg. Take a look at the rear seat, grab rails, rear number plate, turn indicators, OR SIMPLY the whole rear is same. My bike has seat covers that’s why you couldn’t see the exact same rear seat in the image. This is the long waited 2nd upgrade of Pulsar 135 LS i.e Pulsar 135 UG2. The engine is from KTM Racing.

  • Gaurav

    Hi All,
    This is the new Pulsar with “RacingKTM” Engine. What these pics shows tht… Bajaj will be using KTM engines for these Pulsars.

    To All those who are seeing these as a Honda Bike or any @#$%… Please have a confirmation that these Bikes are Next Generation Pulsars Only….

  • Rajagopal

    This is not PULSAR…. its the deluxe version of DAZZLER that Honda is planning to launch next month….

    • *LoneWolf*

      The rear tail lamp doesn’t seem like a Honda and moreover the bike has resemblance with a KTM. The engine’s shape with a red line on it is also seen in KTM bikes.

  • ron syl

    people who are telling its honda have no idea about bikes, people who are telling its pulsar are die hard fans of pulsar who wants more from bajaj. this bike has ktm engine, and most probably they will put a pulsar body and name to it.. bajaj has got no new engine so they ll do this may be. and its not assembled! y would two guys modify their bikes same way and test ride it like tat? lol u r nuts dude!!

  • JKAY

    Heyyy all, its KTM not HONDA.
    Looks cool.
    For more see XBHP talkies.

  • mathan

    this new pulser is similer to hero impulse

  • Akash Yadav

    Oh for the love of GOD, this is not a test vehicle of Honda.. How many times have you seen Honda doing tests with test mules in India? Twister – no, Shine – No, Unicorn – No, Dazzler – No, CBR 250R – No…. they have never gone for tests no matter how ugly or blunt the bike looks. Dual LED tail lamps like P135, KTM Racing engine casing, motoroids.com claiming it to be from the road near Bajaj’s Chakan plant where Duke 125 is made.
    NOTE : NOT ALL ORANGE IS HONDA…. KTM Racing’s color is ORANGE..
    When CBR 250 R has this stupid bulb type tail light with a price tag of ~2L on-road, how can you expect this rear disc brake less bike to have one?

  • Maximum

    The tail light is the give away that it is a pulsar. The absence of a rear disc brake point’s out to the fact that it is a low displacement bike. Since it Bajaj is launching the KTM Duke 200 in India which is confirmed. So Bajaj is making use of the KTM Duke’s 125cc engine which might be bored out to 150cc. The Logo on the bike say’s “RACING KTM” on it.

  • sreekanth

    Guys why is everyone getting Honda in between???
    Please check the below URLto see a KTM engine!!

    Hopefully we dont see comments telling that Honda is providing engines to KTM πŸ˜€ lolzz..!!!
    Well coming to this new bike from Bajaj Stable, its a very good move by Bajaj to join hands with KTM to provide us a Killer bike at affordable price…the engine refinement, life, performance, gearbix, clutch assembly are all gonna be amazing!! πŸ™‚
    all the best to this new Pulsar πŸ™‚

  • Shivaprasad

    This looks a mofified bike with manyh lifts from a bunch of brands – mirrors from Pulsar, rear seat from CBR250R, tail piece and middle cowl from P135, tank shrouds from Dazzler, and so on.
    One proof of bad job is the pillion foot pegs placed uncomfortably close to the rider pegs. With pillion on, rider and pillion will fight for leg space πŸ™‚

  • Akhil Jamal

    Guys . . . . Heheh . . . Its funny but i need you to tell this right now . . πŸ™‚ bcoz , i ve got stunner , i just compared the pics to it. . . . I swear , the back if stunners taken a bit higher , and the back light port cut out a like a cake piece , its just the photo . . . . And the tank plus the existing fare got like a 75% resemblance . . . πŸ™‚ could it be the new stunner ! ? Just my opinion okay guys. . . . Think about it . πŸ™‚

  • Sreejith Ramesh Nair

    What ever bike it may be, not be an interesting model, if it is bajaj pulsar very disappointing picture.

  • ron syl

    isnt honda logo colour red? not orange….. the last time i checked πŸ˜› and y are some guys still telling its honda? i dont get it.. lost eyes or lost brains? lol

  • lucifer

    Guys yes most of you are right developing a new bike from scratch is not a childs play, bajaj pulsar engine is gud 4 us….atleast bajaj made their own engines for pulsars hope Pulsars have to go a long long way.

  • biketrek

    Guys just look at the tacho meter on these bikes(in snaps), can any company move from digital one to mechanical one . . . More if its the new Pulsar then is a waste !!!!

  • Pulsar boy

    Reading so many of the comments suspecting it as a Honda really amazes me. Is this a reflection on their level of awareness with respect to bikes?? I think so, otherwise how can you not notice the orange KTM racing logo on the engine. Contrary to some of the comments here, KTM is selling Bajaj designed bikes branded as KTM. Bajaj has got 40% stake in KTM and they have agreed to develop engines ranging from 125cc to 350cc and share them. But, the catch is everything will be done in Pune, Bajaj’s HQ with some inputs from KTM, resulting in economies of scale for Bajaj & handsome profits for KTM (and in turn to Bajaj as they hold 40% in it).

  • aashis

    well its honda…coz in gear box u can see da red letters…n all we can se tis design in honda bikes 1ly..