2011 Kymco Quannon 150 Preview

Yeah, you probably didn’t hear about it. It’s made by Kymco – Taiwanese scooter and ATV specialists. And don’t be confused by the manufacturer, they were been around for a long time. Let’s take a look at it, maybe it will be a worthy bike.

2011-Kymco-Quannon-150 [Bike]

It’s a simple and lightweight motorcycle for the novices – a speedy commuter with nice handling and soft suspension. And actually it’s one the best looking Kymco bikes, that’s for sure.

It weights only 137 kg and feels really safe in city traffic – handling is really responsive and light, and the motorcycle is quite compact.

Very cool feature that Kymco has are front and rear disc brakes, which are pretty uncommon on the entry level Indian bikes.

They are solid drilled discs with dual calipers which provide more than enough stopping power for the Quannon. Because of such light overall weight brakes are able to stop the bike effortlessly.

Surprisingly, it’s not all. Kymco Quannon 150 is loaded with great features such as smooth 5-speed transmission, digital instrumentation, and 110/80-17 front and 140-70-17 rear tires for outstanding stability and excellent grip.

2010-Kymco-Quannon-150-right-angle [Bike]

The new 150cc 4-valve engine has decent power and reasonable acceleration. Top speed is claimed at ~109km/h (other source claims it is 126 km/h?!), which is damn good for usual 150cc engine. The engine produces 14 bhp @ 9500 rpm with a peak torque of 7.3 ft-lb @ 8500 rpm. While these figures might seem too modest, Quannon 150 is pretty quick bike.

2010-Kymco-Quannon-150-lamp-angle [Bike]

In fact, the Quannon reaches its top speed almost too readily. However, final gear ratio feels too short; the bike has a bit more potential and could handle longer gearing.

Also it is very economical bike, it gives around 33 kmpl on average (may vary depending on the riding style), and if 13.6 liter fuel tank is full, Quannon 150 can cover over 400km.

It will be available in 2 colors (red or blue) and the price is MSRP…$2999.

2010-Kymco-Quannon-150-sepido-angle [Bike]

In conclusion I would say that the 2011 Kymco Quannon 150 is not a bike for the experienced rider, obviously. But it does make a great platform for a beginner rider who wants to learn the ins and outs of sport bike riding, while being safe.