1290 Super Duke GT Tourer Spied Wheeling Around…

Let us accept it! The maniac Super Duke is the most gorgeous naked motorcycle in the world! We have not seen anything more beautifully crafted in its stock form! Yes yes…all you Kawasaki folks, Z1000 is also a masterpiece! We have never gotten a chance to ride the 180 hp monster yet, but going over the various test reports we just drool over what this 2 cylinder 189 kg beast will have on offer! Just for you naysayers, KTM claims a 0 to 200 kmph in 7.2 seconds flat..(read again it is TWO hundred kmph!)


Nonetheless, moving over the streetfighter, we come to the topic in hand. Visordown has posted a spy pic of a touring Super Duke which is expected to be called as Super Duke GT. It appears that the rider was posing for the spy photographer with the front wheel up!

As compared to the naked, this tourer GT gets a heat shield on the exhaust, wider handlebars for a more comfortable upright seating posture and all that extra flab upfront to prevent wind blasts. Visordown also says that there is a more ‘substantial subframe’ which could help in better luggage-hauling capabilities.


The camouflaged motorcycle, which was caught near KTM’s test facility in Spain will come with the same 1301 cc V-twin engine with power and torque figures in the vicinity of the naked. Official global unveiling is expected sometime next year.