I was inspired by one of my senior officers. Who told me that, “The first thing you need to enjoy your life is Mobility”. That can only be achieved by Motorcycle. In Bangladesh traffic jams are very common part of our life, especially in Dhaka and major cities.

I started motorcycling in 2007. My first ride was a Chinese bike. I don’t like to say nothing about that, as I have suffered a lot. Then I bought a pulsar 150 DTS-I, UG-II. That was second hand. Initially that pulsar’s performance was awesome. I still miss that. Pulsar means raw power. By the vistas of by gone time, I started spending more time in the service centre than on the road with my pulsar. The maintenance cost of my Pulsar was raising. I ended up with my Pulsar by changing the piston, piston block, whole clutch assembly, CDI unit and lot of things. Then I have decided to quit from my pulsar. I sold my bike in last April 2010.

After that I was in total dilemma. Which bike I will buy? I have started reading lots of bikes reviews of various bikes. Is this aspect BikeAdvice.in helped me a lot. I am thanking all for those reviews. After 2 months of online research I have decided to buy a Yamaha Fazer 153cc. Finally I got my ride 06 June 2010. It’s a black Yamaha Fazer 153.

Now I want to share some of the features and experiences with my Yamaha Fazer.


First thing I appreciate about this bike is stability. It’s very stable both in high speed and low speed. I got superb maneuverability in the traffic jams. I feel no problem while going through narrow passage between traffics, though the bike is fitted with a huge headlight fairing. The bike is very agile.

While cornering, I can lean as much as my foot pedal touches the road. After crossing the speed 80 kph, the real fun starts. Its really so fun to ride this bike at high speed. No vibration, no extra noise, its smooth like car. I am giving a practical experience. My girl friend is afraid of bike. In my Pulsar I never could cross the speed 60 kph.

She started shouting from my back to slow down. She told me that it feels like the bike is vibrating and falling down. But in Fazer I ride in 90 kmph with her. Then I asked her, she told “I didn’t feel anything.” I am so happy to have this bike. Riding Fazer is a fun. This bike is packed with mono cross rear suspension. Mid ship muffler, this improves the mass centralization and lower center of gravity.


Within five months I rode my Fazer 8000+ km. Fazer has the “140/60-17” size rear radial tyre with a 60% aspect ratio, contributes to better grip and handling stability. I had some serious riding with my bike. The bike feels awesome almost any type of road. Though it’s not an off road bike, I had off road riding with it.

Engine & Performance

Fazer is packed with a 153cc single cylinder engine. The thing I want to say about this engine is it’s bore stroke ratio. The bore and stroke of Fazer is 58mm and 57.9mm respectively. This is almost a square engine. In some famous cruiser bike, long stroke engine is used for better torque at lower rpm.

In long stroke engine friction is higher. Short stroke engine is used in racing and sports bikes. In short stroke engine low friction and better torque at high rpm. In the Fazer, max power 14 bhp at 7500 rpm and 14 Nm torque at 6000 rpm. As it is a square engine, I get the pleasure of cruise riding and the fun of city riding. Its perfectly a balanced engine for all types of road and riding. I got top speed 119 kph in my Fazer, it can go more. Nice engine note.

Aero Dynamics

The Yamaha Fazer 150 is fitted with half fairing – This seriously improves the bikes stability, riding quality and comfort. Yamaha says that the Fazer is wind tunnel tested to manage the wind blast and increase aerodynamic effect on the bike wile cruise in the highway. From my personal experience, the fairing is really superb. While cruising at high speed it reduces the effect of wind blast.

Bike’s dashboard is impressive, feels like cruising in a car. Good visibility of the speed meter. But I really miss a clock in the dashboard. Rear view mirrors are fitted in a perfect position with great visibility.

My Opinion

Yamaha says that Fazer 153 is a touring bike. I think touring bike must have some features like:

  • Large displacement engine. But its only a 153cc engine.
  • Good fairings and screens that offer good protection against wind and weather. Fazer packed with good fairing but the screen could be better.
  • Large capacity fuel tanks for long ranges between fill ups. The Fazer has only 12.2 liter capacity fuel tank. I think its enough as I can cover 400 km per fill up in respect to the engine size.
  • Upright seating sitting position. In Fazer its not upright. I have to lean about 20° forward. Its feels like sports touring bike.
  • Passenger accommodation. Fazer’s passenger accommodation is very poor. Its very small. And the seat is not comfortable as there is no adequate cushion. I had two long ride with my Fazer. Me and my pillion both suffered from soring butt. Yamaha should improve its seat’s cushion.
  • Heavy weight. Touring bikes should be heavy in weight. Like Honda Goldwing is about 400 kg of dry weight. Where Yamaha Fazer is only 131 kg dry weight. Even though I don’t have any heart burning. As it’s a 153cc engine, 131kg is enough. More the weight of the bike more the fuel consumption.
  • In every touring bike there must be a luggage space is the norm for this class. But in Fazer there is nothing. And the pillion seat is also not big enough for luggage. There is no place to keep your gadgets like mobile, GPS, sunglass etc. Yamaha should think about it.

I think Fazer is a very good standard bike rather than a touring bike. Because it is light weight (but looks heavy), agile, very stable in all types of road. Only speed and power is not everything for a bike, return home safe and sound, drive safely and responsibly.

I have lots of thing in my mind to write about it. And one thing its my first writing about my experience. I will be happy if you put your valuable suggestion, this will inspire me to write more.

With regards,

Md. Masum-Al-Mizan
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • star4ulove

    very good.. u had written very neatly.. I like the way you explained your experience.. bcoz all tech aspects known to every 1. but you have written ur own experience…

    • masum

      thank you for your inspiring compliments….

      • Junaid

        Masum bhai salamwalekum…..bhai i need ur hlp as i’ve read ur awesme review n im pretty much impressd so i thnk tht to take advice frm such a knowledge able person Tht bhai im 4rm mumbai n i’ve too gt fazer in blue at my garage…i’ve takn the machine at 2010 whch hd only run 8200km…im the secnd usr of d bike bt the thng is im biker n addictd to the top mst speed n the bike is nt gng mre thn 90-95 speed i dnt knw y i’ve tried many way to cross hundred bt its no use thn engind jst sound ghmmmmmm at 90 hope u undrstnd…n also 1 mre thng tumhe pata hoga public karizma r pe jo engine covr fearng lagati hai na like dat mujhe fazer me b lower fearng lagani hai to bhai pls could u mail me sme pics of i’ve askd…watng 4 ur reply n r u der on f.b if thn whts ur i.d?

      • masum

        Junaid vi…
        To reach 100 Kmph..please shift your gear at 8000+ rpm.
        And try to reach 100+ Kmph at 4th gear. Inn Sha Allah …I think this will solve your problem…..
        for further inquire please e-mail me at
        with regards

  • good review.
    Hopefully pulsar fanboi’s won’t start a war 😀

    Fazer, a Touring bike ?
    Yamaha says its only a commuter

    • masum

      bro..i am also a fan of pulsar…pulsar means raw power….but stability and reliability is missing…

  • arun

    Superbly written mate i am thoroughly impressed with your review cz i can feel that u ve written this review directly from what your heart felt not like some who praise their bikes a lotttttttt even though there are negative markings , even i thought of going for this beauty but the price was not relevant to the bikes performance it was way tooo high an extra spend of rs.5000 you can own karizma r which is much more powerful and legendary bike than fazer but since my budget was rs.70,000 i went for suzuki gs150r candy orange color for its features technology comfort and 6th gear and also i brought it for rs.66,750 in a short time offer given by chennai abt right now i am very much happpyy with my darlin gs150r

    • masum

      thanks arun vai, for your compliment…ride safely. and enjoy suzuki gs 150r. in bangladesh suzuki is not available….wish i could have ride of ur bike…

  • prabakar

    Good review. Both pros and cons are spotted out exactly.
    WHAT ABOUT FUEL EFFICIENCY????????? It was the biggest question on yamaha’s,,,,, right.

    • masum

      bro….i got 35 kmpl in city area and 40-45 kmpl in highway. and thanks for your compliment…

  • Vineeth

    Fazer is really great but it is overpriced and for its price, you won’t get the desired power or comfort or ride quality. Yamaha has essentially taken the street performer, FZ 16, put a fairing, added 13k to the price and marketed it as a tourer bike! And the increasing sales also recommend that more people are misled.
    The mileage rarely goes above 40kmpl. I own a fz 16 for the past 1 year and I do have some of the problems mentioned above.
    My only suggestion is: if you are ready to shell out 85k for a bike, better view all options except the Fazer…

    • Achiever

      I always hear people complaining about the price of FZ and Fazer. If 85,000 Rs is ‘overpriced’ for Fazer, then what about KTM125 that will be going to be priced around 1.25 lk? If you pay more, you’ll definitely get something more. It is a common scenario here to compare ‘price’ with ‘bhp’ and ‘cc’. I am sure that the feel you get in FZ or Fazer cannot be experienced in other bikes. In my opinion, Yamaha has better quality parts than any other companies, except Honda. So that’s the price you are paying for. All others who think its expensive can go after pulsar and apache.

      • Aditya

        i agree wid u bro!

      • masum

        Yamaha fazer worth for its value..

      • Avinash

        The KTM 125 is only for europe and it was confrimed that india will get the KTM200 so 1 lak + for a 200 cc bike from KTM seems reasonable

      • venom

        take a break bro.. even rtr 180 is priced around 80k .. rtr fi was priced at 81k if u want to suggest others who cannot afford bikes of high price then suggest yamaha alba,gladiator,sz,libero n other shit bikes

      • antony

        Before split, one big issue honda had with partner Hero was quality of parts from vendors. These vendor companies were owned by Hero’s Munjal family members. Honda was not satisfied with quality of parts supplied by these vendors, but Hero forced honda India to source parts from these vendors. Honda themselves revealed this issue after split. So, these low quality parts were used in both Herohonda and honda bikes. So, what Honda quality are you talking about?

        Also, Honda have not revealed bore and stroke measurements of unicorn. Also, except cylinder head and piston block, unicorn engine is same as 125cc shine engine.

    • Achiever

      KTM200 for 1 lak? Who told you? If it is 200 then it will be going to be more than 1.5 lakh.

      • lolz……@venom……right buddy though rtr 180 is offering advanced parts……and performance kit with FI, everbody will go for fazer 😀 …… looks of fazer kills man 😉 …..

  • Mrunal

    Very nice review mate… Just had a question for you… What is the ground clearance of the below mentioned 3 bikes:
    1) Yamaha R15
    2) Yamaha FZ
    3) Yamaha Fazer

  • pulser rocks

    pulser rocks,nothing can beat pulser,and you say pulser cannot cross 60km/hr?you must be kidding.yamaha is useless petrol eating monster.

    • masum

      vai…i never said pulsar cannot cross 60kph. please read it again…and i am a fan of pulsar. i still miss my pulsar….

    • brutalosorous

      i think u dont know how to read english nd understand it… read it over again nd this tym dont say that u dont know whts my problem…

    • Amol Birje

      pulsar owners will never change
      you poor boy

  • arif

    a ownership review must carry its pros n cons all the way it earns n discover with time.
    your review can be a sweet example of this kinds.
    it feels like, as i too riding on your fazer and getting its pros n cons.

    yes i agree, like you, like many others, i have also learned many things before making a decision., what to buy, what to justify.
    take care.

    dhk, bd.

    • masum

      Arif vai thank you….


    Nice review. You are wright about fazer not being a real tourer. Yamaha would have promoted with extra luggage accessories like the tourer bikes promoted in europe. Regarding 153 cc, it may not be good for tourer but regarding the financial situation in some Asian countries, it is a nice tourer. Else take royal enfield which is a perfect tourer.

    @ pulser rocks:

    Reviewer did’nt said that pulsar never crosses 60 kmph. He said that his girl friend is afraid after crossing 60 kmph on pulsar. Yamaha is petrol guzzler coz of its broad tyres. But yamaha is never meant for mileage. It is for pure performance. To understand the difference, constantly ride a pulsar on 100 kmph and in no time you will notice white smoke coming from exhaust pipe. Now ride a yamaha like that, it will last 3 times more than a pulsar !!!

    • masum

      Nitin, thanks for your compliments…..

  • Russell

    Hey Mizan Bhai, nice to see your review from Bangladesh. You must have read review by ur two Bangladeshi mate named Russel and Shahriar. Do u have facebook account? I am also from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Keep in touch.

    • masum

      thank you Russell vai….i have read those two reviews…and i was inspired by them too….thanks to Russel And Shahriar…

  • fas

    If you ride any bike for 100kms on a stretch and then ride the Fazer, you will realise why Yamaha says its for touring.

    • masum

      yess brother i agree with you. i had two all day touring. one is about 350 km and 330 km. its really feels good except soring butt…hahahaa…

  • Nahid

    Very good and appreciating review. Want to see more review of you in future. Well done and well established work.


    • Masum

      thank you dear for your inspiring comments.

  • The bike is not actually good but i think this has a complextion of two bikes i.e. fz and r15.

  • Masum

    thank you all for your comments…..please ride safely and responsibly…

  • Manu

    Can u tell the price of it?
    Can u differentiate fazer and karizma r, with including price?

    • Masum

      Bro…i am from Bangladesh. i bought fazer at 2,15,000 taka + more 15000 taka for tax & reg. and Karizma is not available in Bangladesh.

  • Aditya

    dude, very nice review…but missing some self clicked pics of ur bike…!!
    otherwise, its a very gud review….



    • Masum

      Bro i have sent some self clicked picture…but it was not published here, i dont know why? please Deepak vai publish my pictures….

      • Deepak

        We did not receive any photos. Please check and resend again!

  • viraj


    How much R15 costs in B’desh ? Can you tell why don’t u choose R15 ?

    I’m riding R15 from last 1 year…. still collecting words full of feelings to write review.
    Tomorrow going for 450 km ride.

    • Masum

      in Bangladesh R15 costs 3.5 laks.
      reason for not choosing:
      1. Costly
      2. Its kind of racing bike not suitable for all types of road.
      3. uncomfortable for long distance riding.
      but its a superb bike indeed, i admire this bike for its features and technology.

  • Masum

    Thank you Deepak, for uploading my pictures……

  • boon

    Great review mate.you have invested your money on a right bike.ride safely.And do wear a helmet while riding.

    • Masum

      Thank you dear, i always wear helmet while riding, and ensure my pillion also wears helmet. you can see in my pictures….

  • fas

    Another international review, awesome. Loved the way you have written about your journey of biking.

  • rohan

    Its a very good review man!!! The best part is u don disrespect any other bike!!!!

    • Masum

      thank you bro. i think every company manufacture bikes at their level best with quality and features. it is you who will decide which one is fit for you. even though nothing is perfect. there is lots of scope to improve Yamaha fazer.

  • Deepak

    This is the third review we are receiving from Bangladesh. And all of them were excellent so far. Now whenever I think about Bangladesh, these reviews would surface in my mind. 🙂

  • Amol Birje

    Nice review, first 3 pics are awesome, review has no bullshits, only the author’s experience described honestly, almost all the points covered, good to see such reviews from overseas!!!!!!!

  • Fazer is a mixture of r15 and fz and got lot of its reviews. I m bored with it now.

    • masum

      i know you dont like yamaha fazer. you have told this earlier in 29th no comment in my review…

      good things are reviewed again and again….so nothing to do…just read them or avoid.

      • Soumen Ghosh

        masum bhai, He is here just for his site’s PR. Not to give real review..

        I also own Fazer (blue).. it rocks road!

  • balaji

    im planing to take this byk to my garrage

    • Masum

      Congratulation!!… Ride safely and responsibly. Wish you good luck.

  • Asif Mahmud

    Nice Review Dost… I know about ur madness on bikes personally…
    Once again I’m inspired to buy this bike reading such a wonderful review…. Thanks……….

  • govindraj

    very good review
    i just got one question about fazer, is it true that only one headlight of fazer glows when in lower bim, and both when in higher beam?
    plz help me.

    • Masum

      left one glows in lower beam, right one glows in higher beam…..and thank you

  • Parth

    Bye the way, Great review Masum.

  • Mr Md Sahenoor

    It’s a greate bike also for off road’s riding too, my holiday in Bangladesh Sylhet in last Sep2010 made greate change once i bought this Red Beauty for( Tk 2.20Lak) it was beat risky for me though riding on those Highways,but i didn’t give no dam, As i had 1000cc Suzuki GXR in uk ????
    Thanks for your article

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  • Awesome review
    Please tell me about:

    1. Its maintenance. Does this bike require very high maintenance as someone told me.

    2. After 100KMPH speed, does this bike takes very long time to reach 120KMPH??

    3. Is there any way to put on both the lights?

    Please reply me as I’ll be purchasing this bike within this week.

    Thank u in advance

    • 1. the only way maintenance cost can be high is if you fall down. the bike doesn’t have a crash guard and a fall can break the fairings.

      2. yes. it takes more time to reach from 100-120 than it takes from 50-100

      3. read somewhere like keeping the high/low beam button in the middle might turn both lights on simultaneously but i wont advice you to do so because if both lights are on, the power consumption would be more than the battery ratings and so would drain fast. you would’ve to jump start the bike then

      • Thank u so much buddy for replying…
        I have booked my Fazer…
        Can you please tell me how much mileage this bike gives under several conditions…

      • depends on your driving actually.
        if you rip it and redline every gear, dont expect anything above 35.
        ride it with slow and gradual acceleration, shifting at 4k rpm and not crossing 6-6.5k (comes to around 75-85kmph) in the final gear, you’d get around 50kmpl

  • and one more thing which details are shown by Fazer meter?
    like Battery?
    speed? etc etc

    sorry for asking so many questions 🙂

  • Sheikh Razak

    Bro please reply to my last questions.
    Please reply Buddy

    someone really scared me today as he told me dat dis bike needs lots of maintenance. Maintenance includes costly spare parts, engine cant take too much load, i have to take bike for repair many times as their r lots of problems wit this, vibrations in engine.
    and one more thing which details are shown by Fazer meter?
    like Battery?
    speed? etc etc

    sorry for asking so many questions

    Please reply bro please

    • battery is the maintenance free one. but then again, some people have reported problems of cold starts especially after leaving the bike for days or weeks. but this happens with almost every bike, not just fazer.

      it gets from 0 to 60 real quick and goes to 80-90 easily. after that the power drops. have seen videos on youtube with speedo indicated speeds of 120

      mmm… no idea about the cost of spares/parts. never had to purchase one

      the engine is a highly refined engine capable of cruising at ~90kmph without any hassles.

      vibrations ? are you sure you’re talking about the fazer ?

      the console includes speedometer, odometer, tripmeter (only 1 trip), trip-odo/trip reset button, fuel level indicator. also lights to indicate high beam, neutral and the turns indicator.

      • Sheikh Razak

        Thank u sooo much bro for replying. I have booked my Fazer

      • congrats
        ride safe 🙂

  • Sheikh Razak

    Thank u veryyy much for ur kind replies. Now I can get my FAZER without any tensions…..
    thank u bro

  • masum

    yesterday i did some maintenance on my bike. i just opened the air filter cover, remove the air filter element, used a paint brush to clean the visible dust and pressurized air to blow off the dust remaining. its essential to maintain the air filter element. if you cant breadth well how can you run faster. clean the air filter at least every 5000 km.

    whenever i get time i check my baby. yesterday i find a crack in the battery overflow drain pipe. i repaired it.

    i feel good to maintain my baby by myself rather than by service center guys or road side mechanics. All you need is some confidence.

  • Anurag

    Hey Masum, pretty compassionate review,
    I have got my Red Fazer this 20th, Could you please help me with the instructions to follow during run-in period?

    • Sheikh Razak

      Do few things before 1st service
      Dont cold start the engine, when u start the engine in d morning first pull the choke n then start, after starting ur bike pull d choke halfway n keep rpm at 4500 untill ur bike responds normally. Then pull off d choke.

      If ur bike runs during rain then clean d chain n grease it. U can use MOTUL CHAIN CLEAN AND MOTUL CHAIN LUBE.

      Next dont run Ur bike too fast for longer period. Untill 500km u can drive upto 4500 rpm and after 500km to 1000km drive upto 6000rpm. But remember don’t drive at constant speed, vary ur speed timely.

      Next don’t put up very high load on ur bike. Means try to drive alone not wit pillion rider.

      Maintain tyre pressure front 28psi n rear 35psi.

      When u go for first service, dont forget to remind the service guy to change the oil filter.

  • Naren

    I like fazer bike more than other bikes coz it so, safty to ride now i’m going to X-change my red fazer with blue but black clour is not looks gr8..

  • Naren

    But in my country it’s cost more expensive thn India here it’s cost RS 2,20,000…..

  • Rocky…

    All Biksers r my Brothers & friends…. hahahaaa 🙂
    Well I got Yahama Fazer in 80K..
    Initially I ride with 40-50kmph Thats why I got average near abt 45 KMs.
    Now I completed my 20000kms in 1.5 years & on NH4 highway My fazer goes to top at
    124KMPH MAXXX…..:)
    as It doesn’t have liq cooled I need release throttle for some time.
    Well Now i am interested in R6… But In india i didnt find it at any dealer….:(

  • Hi guyzz i have booked Yamaha Fazer Black Color, and will be getting delivery of it within this week 😀 ……. and thx for such a wonderful review MASUM.

    Have a Safe Ride……….

  • saurabh kumar singh

    i have fazer ltd.edition,but i m in tension for its maintaince.

  • Kiran

    I got a fazer midnight special edition , now it i ‘ve completed 72 hour s with my new bike with fantastic riding feelings. it has a lot features everithing given by yamaha is superb ; especially airodynamics and ergonomics with user

  • diva

    Wat s d mileage of fazer?Im going to get this bike in 20 days .. so pls tell d truth about the mileage of this bike?
    Thanks in advance…

  • Mohit

    frnds everybody told that fazer 153 gives 40kmpl but i hav purchased it on 24th october and it gives me only 30 kmpl and i ride it only 40 to 50 kmpl why i m facing this problem somebody tell me what should i do? 🙁 please email me or comment on this page my email address mohitthemasterdhyani@gmail.com

  • neel kamal sharma

    your fazer bikes r good but there is no mudflap.These bikes creating a problem during rain.please send me a suitable suggestion about the mudflap.

  • komal suri

    i have fazer in red clour.but there is no mud gaurd with him and not another mud gaurd is avilable in the market. this is the main disadvantage of your’s bike.this is your 1st bike without mud gaurd.

  • masum

    thank you all for your nice feedback.
    every one is complaining about the mileage of this beauty.
    from my experience, to get better mileage, PLEASE AVOID HARD BREAKING.
    this will improve your mileage.
    Tyre will last long.
    break pad will last long.

    thank you

  • dragondruk

    hi guys,
    Couple of days back some fool hit my Fazer from behind and now i think my chassis or swing arm is bent, because when i look from the back i can see that the rear Tyre is not straight or aligned.. what do i do?…this bike rocks no matter what ppl say…the local mechanic said that the bike should be stripped and heat the swing arm / chassis to make it straight….any advices from you all. …

  • diva

    Hi guys i bought fazer 2 weeks before its a nice bike which is very smooth and nice to handle. Im riding my bike under 50 because in show room they said till 1st service the bike should be ridden under 50.Really i was shocked when i checked the mileage all said fazer will give around 40 but im getting around 57km/l in highways but in city conditions im getting 53 km/l.i love my mileage giving fazer bike …..

    • Muj

      why do u need2 do 50 before 1st service and when wil u do or need2 do 1st service. What colour is ur bike if u dont mind me askin. Thanx
      Muj frm London

  • Prateek

    Hi Guys…

    Thanks for posting the reviews for fazer. Just booked my Fazer yesterday….will be riding it by this weekend….

  • prakash

    hey Guys,

    I am in a dilemma to buy Fazer or Dazzler. Plzzzz suggests. also in terms of price 85k are there any other in this segment apart from Bajaj.. ;)..

  • jacob

    i own a fazer myself she’s a real beauty
    its a special edition midnight special( black and gold)
    i am riding it for the past 5 months
    it will give a better mileage if the gear is shifted in 3500 rpm
    it has a very nice stability
    but the rear tyre lacks grip when hit hard it will skid
    use 65:35 break ratio
    not good for long distance touring as it will leave a mark in ur butt to remember the tour for a few days
    doesnt have a quick throttle response like the pulsar i took it at a top speed of 123kmph
    efficient disk brake is present to stop the bike in few secs

  • Sobuz

    The only thing i want to know about this bike is mileage…..

    Pls tell me the true mileage of fazer 153 cc bike in city….pls answer as early as possible…

  • gautham

    am thinking of buying pulsar 180 but frnds tellin fazer s better can anyon suggest me wch one s better……?

  • fahim

    hi masum bhai,all these days I just surf in net n so impressed about da fazer.so am gonna buy fazer.but today I just visited every mejor places of bike for to buy fazer red colour.but believe me,i didnt get da red 1.its out of dhaka city.so where can I get da red 1?am now just mad for to get it

    • masum

      fahim vai….apni ki uttara te check korsen…?? uttaray ekta show room ase…main road er pasei…arong show room theke 100m south e….
      wish you all the best..
      drive safe and responsibly…

  • fahim

    masum vai,ami chek kortesi.if I dont get it ami janabo n thanks for da informatiin bro

  • fahim

    mausum vai,i didnt get da red 1 in der.so what can I do now?

    • masum

      Other than waiting, what else you can do. ..??

  • narayanan

    hi frds .. i brought new yamaha fazer 153cc .. i rode to 1000+ km & i m getting only 40 km/pl .. can anyone help me to increase my milage . . and what will b the milage aftr 6 months ?? pls pls help me frds 🙁

  • satyender kumar

    hi guys,
    please, anyone tell me advantages and some troubles if u r facing with this bike yamaha fazer. i am doing to purchase this bike. becoz i am crazy about speed and balance.

  • s7ndr kumar

    please reply fast

    • masum

      please read my review…
      everything i have told …

  • sai kiran

    after reading all the reviews…..just feling awsum and am just going to book next month…… Thanks bro…. For a wonderful review

  • Abhishek

    I have got fazer but its milege is around 30 kmpl. What should i do to increse the milege.

  • Meraj

    Well masum bhai im also from bd uttara I also have a black n green fazer i bought it last year i paid 2.29 laak n 19000 4 registration i rode my bike more than 27000 km but still ok but I need to change my clutch plate n the full chain set other than that every thin ok with the bike My top speed was 119 too just yesterday i again touched 116 so bro any advise for me

  • Meraj

    And i had lots of long rides with this bike n i realise fazer would come with better softer seats

  • Meraj

    I use to stay in uae n once i rod my freinds cbr 600 n i was in love wid it n i left uae just last year n my bro bought 1000cc cbr but i missed it but insha allah soon ill go 4 a visit so than ill ride the cbr ، In bangladesh we dont get road permits for more than 150cc or else i would go for cbr600rr

  • Sarath lynus

    nice review mate. bro plz mntn d milage in city and highway.?

  • Meraj

    Milage in city is 30 n on high way 40

  • Abhijith John

    excellent review i hav ever read….is there any way to improve the milage by adjusting tyre preassure.?

  • Rohit

    thanx ppl nw m gna buy 1 4 me. ppls i must say ur reviews wer vry useful. THANK U GUYS!!!!!

  • Abrar

    Masum bro.. As salamualaikum…
    I hope u r good..
    I am 16 yrs old. Read ur article itz awsm…

    I am going to buy fazer on 8-3-2012, but scared of mileage.. And petrol prices r hiking… What is good, fazer or pulsar 220 or 180 in fuel efficiency..


  • Abrar

    Is there any way to increase mileage, bro plz tell me.

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