The Legend Gets Killed! Updated Karizma Twins Revealed; Anger Management Advised!

by Bishakh on September 28, 2013

Stealth and Silence isn’t really good when you need to create attention to something; especially if you are an auto-manufacturer ushering in a new product. Hero MotoCorp has unveiled the newer editions of its Karizma Twins ( Both R and ZMR ) at some undisclosed location in Macau. Prima facie, it appears the media wasn’t present and it was a soiree for the company officials and dealerships. ;-)


At the end of the post, there is a short clipping of the ceremony just as the bike gets unveiled. We guess we heard something similar to a Lion’s roar in the clipping. Let’s just say competition isn’t so easy for Hero MotoCorp to start assuming things and don the mantle!!

Now, the following image is of the “UPDATED KARIZMA R”. For many of you, we suggest you start taking in a deep breath. Keep doing it till the count of 4; then retain it till the count of 7, and then slowly exhale it till the count of 8. Anger Management done, let’s move on!!


There had been a lot of hue and cry over the updated models of Karizma, ever since the first spyshots cropped up from the proximity of Hero’s  Dharuhera plant. Internet traffic probably hit a new high in those days, as few more sightings of the test mules followed closely. Fans and foes alike went gung-ho, some advocating Hero’s demise and quite a few others not being so critical. Nevertheless, the staccato beat has been reached with the “Stealthy” unveiling of the Karizma twins.

Frankly, Hero MotoCorp seems to be groping in the dark. No Pun Intended.


Have a look at the new Karizma R. Forget the odd-looking Chop-Job that has been handed over to the semi-fairing. Please also forgive Hero Motocorp’s obsession with red coloured rear shocks ( Oh…did we mention they aren’t monoshocks?? Same old, same old… ) and also their fetish for the golden scheme called “Astra Gold”. It appears Hero MotoCorp has taken parts from a bike much lower in the pecking order and has tweaked them a bit for this facelift.

Have a look at the side panels as well as the tail cowl of the new Karizma ZMR. The tail cowl rises upward linearly, and has a grotesque protrusion at the end of it. Hero MotoCorp would like to call them rear grab rails. Nevertheless, the side panels as well as the tail cowl look quite similar to those on the Hero Xtreme. In the meantime, Hero MotoCorp has stripped the Hero Extreme ( well, literally!! ) of its tank flaps and given it a changed appearance. We have focused on it in a different report.

“Xtreme” Cost-Cutting was probably on Hero’s mind when they shared the parts from the bin of the Hero Xtreme. The engine fairing on the underbelly of the new Karizma R looks similar to the one found on the Hero Xtreme. Not just that, the engine cylinder block and the crankcase bear similarities in size and shape. The saree guard is also probably lifted off an Xtreme. We wouldn’t be surprised if the exhaust tip gave rise to a feeling of deja vu.

All that Hero MotoCorp has done is given the rear split seat some curve as it slopes down to meet the edge of the front split seat ( Good that they haven’t claimed anything about it being Anti-Slip ) and added a couple of odd, twisted things which they would like to call “rear grab rails”. The front portion of the bike looks contorted enough to fit into the general scheme of things drawn up by the rear portion. You get a curvy, bulbous front coupled with a sharp, upraised rear portion. Brilliant co-ordination achieved to create a cohesive design theme, eh Hero??

Ahhh…let’s not forget about the odd way in which the semi-fairing has been terminated. It seems as if Hero’s designers either ran out of raw material or much-needed time while putting together a look. The only front where they seem to have moved forward is the addition of much-needed brawn by the incorporation of a naked chain drive. Alas, more could have been done by adding a meatier set of rubbers, at least at the rear!!

No word on the technical specifications as of yet, but we aren’t expecting miracles. Even if Mr. Erik Buell has himself tuned the powerplants, we believe 20+ bhp figures is a remote possibility. Disc brakes appear to be the old ones, and the video clipping ( At the post end ) shows a similar instrument console. Hey, the frame is a single cradle frame, isn’t it??

Good job, Hero MotoCorp. You just scripted the obituary for the Legend.


Things are minutely better for the Hero Karizma ZMR. Even though it carries all the parts similar to the new Hero Karizma R, a big plus is that the front-heavy looks of the older Karizma ZMR has been bade goodbye to for a more balanced look. The headlamps are an attempt by Hero to rack up popular sentiment, but they are possibly the worst looking front we will have on any bike in India (Older Fazer 125 not included!). At best, it appears like a mash-up of the vertically-stacked obloid lamps of Pulsar 220/Hyosung GT 250R or 650R. The other interesting bit is the reference to Honda CBR 500R, with the parking lamp-turn indicator combo being as big as contemporary headlamps.

The fairing seems big enough to stave off a considerable amount of windblast. We assume the Karizma twins will feel at home on highway stretches. But again, we just assume because that depends on the performance figures, which haven’t been leaked yet.


Other than that, we feel there are lots of areas where Hero could do their homework. A flagship motorcycle doesn’t really deserve this.

If anyone who sees the front of the motorcycle and still likes it, we will really be wanting to know if you are anyone apart from Pawan Munjal!

Our simple single question is this: Why Hero Why!!!

Pics Source – xBhp

New 2014 Karizma ZMR Launch Video

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{ 20 comments… read them below or add one }

Sarvesh September 28, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Worst design ever….front face mimics pulsar 220 .from side half portion looks like cbz xtreme.what happened to hero. is this ur creativity ?? Shame on u…


nimai September 28, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Kya baat hai Hero Bhai.. Tum to Hero bn gaye ekdam se.. Ab to sudhro desh ki dhadkan….. isi tarah chalte rhe to 1000 saal lgenge Yamaha our Honda bnne me.


faisal September 28, 2013 at 6:54 pm

I have just one question from Hero and its designers. Don’t you see the bike after you design it, or you simply design it and hit submit? This is aimed at the rural market?


Prasad September 28, 2013 at 7:52 pm

The stupidity of hero motocorp is at peaks they are preparing their own coffins.I really believed a lot in the capacity of HMC by the way how they re branded them selves from a strong brand of Hero Honda to HMC and still maintained the numero Uno position.Being market leaders by selling in the name of cycle brand is not an easy task but seeing the above pics i want to make following observations
1.Hats off to Honda’s management by predicting hero is nothing in terms of R & D and telling bajaj is real competition.Hero by its new designs proved it is a sticker designer.I really expected much from HMC
2.New Karizma R is perfect disgrace to previous version
3.Eventhough ZMR fairing looks like pulsar 220 but i think it much resembles EBR’s 1125 Fairing


exHeroFan September 28, 2013 at 9:00 pm

First of all I want to start with “I was Hero Fan but not anymore”

I think digners that Hero had are retards. I mean this started when they got separated from Honda and unvieled new logo. They had a great name “Hero” but the design woes starts with the Logo. Look at the logo It isnt good enough to be put on anywhrere on bike. They rather write plain ‘Hero’ without any others designs on the tank (Like Karizma R up there) which looks awkward.
And those designers are fooling Munjals with bikes designs like those. Over all Look of ZMR is just Ok or rather Huge improvement considering the previous version (Minus the HeadLights :( )
The sad part is Karizma R. That bike looks like 110cc bike from other manufacturers. Who are they fooling by showing bikes like that.


Aalap September 28, 2013 at 9:34 pm

What a Bike, What a Bike ! ! !
I could see a cocktail of P220, R15, Ninja, Hyosung 250, CBZ Extreme, and the “Karizma” sticker looks like “Inazuma” Sticker from Suzuki………..
I’m sure, my local mechanic, Kiran Pasha Bhai would have designed the bike better………infact at a much cheaper rate…………sad to say but, the legendary Karizma got f**ked doggy style………..


Prasad September 29, 2013 at 12:56 am

What happened Hero you now have your name in other markets also,this is what you are delivering,I thought the updated ZMR will be a thriller bt design sucks copy kiya toh kuch accha banana tha,Guyz just sell Hero’s stock ,its bakwas before its launch.
A big kick to zmr


Nish September 29, 2013 at 5:36 am

Looks like Pawan Munjal himself and his designers took a trip down to China to get inspired or rip off cheap chinese designs and get it implemented on the Karizma.. These “so called” designers and Design Team should be sacked !!! After spliting from Honda, Hero has become Zero.. R.I.P. Karizma !!! R.I.P Hero !!!


Jubin Jacob October 1, 2013 at 5:42 pm

I’ve got another doubt, It must be Honda behind the scene by hiring the entire design crew to get this done..! Hell yeah…! :D


mahi September 29, 2013 at 9:16 pm

whats the crap it is hero played with the bike lover’s emotions by making such horrible changes in a bike like karizma r .And the new xtreme 2014 looks absolute joke . They should also retain the old models too of these bikes.


avsatishchandra September 30, 2013 at 9:46 am

So the chorus sings the dirge at the funeral of the Karizma R and the Karizma ZMR. All the specialists who have deeply studied aesthetics and equipped with the knowledge of minutely deconstructing the substance of thinking that goes into creating of aesthetic junk, have read the relevant psalms when the previously beautiful looking Karizmas were lowered into the grave. Now they will discard the funeral wear and celebrate the coming of 4 more Bajaj Discovers, 2 Pulsars and then more Discovers and more Pulsars which the aesthetically equipped will sing paeans to and will predict of Hero MotoCorp, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, TVS, Mahindra will be dead in no time. The world will then be a beautiful place with the aesthetically challenged also riding the innumerable Discovers, Pulsars and a few KTMs. Enjoy.


Abhijit September 30, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Good News for current Karizma owner. You can now sell your bikes at a premium price and if not selling you can have beautiful feeling of owning a jewel which will never be made again.


Aditya October 1, 2013 at 11:20 am

I think HMC is the only company that is capable of humiliating itself. They have been hit by bajaj and honda and HMC is now bleeding to death.
I have a Karizma R and i am looking for a worthy replacement, and I was anticipating about new Karizma and when I looked at this, honestly, I couldn’t control laughing…. I would rather happily go for pulsar 200ns or upcoming 200ss/375.
Step aside H(Z?)ero.


Jubin Jacob October 1, 2013 at 5:39 pm

No man, the two so-called ‘HM’s in our industry (Hindustan Motors, and Hero Motors to be precise) are competing in stupidity and the game is about to get a tie… :/


Jubin Jacob October 1, 2013 at 5:32 pm

Are they out of their F***in mind..? Disgusting and disappointing design ever seen.!
Indian army/Air force… please consider the situation and drop some better load you’ve got, right in the Hero’s plant to stop this ugly creature coming in to our streets…! :/


Alex October 1, 2013 at 8:35 pm

Hero must decline this hotch-potch version even before it heads to market or better start making something meaningful. The reactions coming from people are genuine and should be seen as an ambushing by the competitors. I mean do you really think you have developed something new after 9 long years? Ask this question to yourself.


anaswar October 2, 2013 at 9:25 pm

Hero motors has never disappointed me with their designs!lol
This is exactly what I expected from them.. cheap sticker jobs with vulgar or old school design updates. Hero motors is now a joke in India… :D


Biker October 5, 2013 at 12:15 pm

Guys, if you are a serious biker, you know that 2003 Karizma design (best ever karizma design) is a straight lift from CBF150R (see link: We know that Hero will slowly fade into peaceful death without Honda. If not in technology they could at least hire some serious designers to give some appealing products disguised under the same old engines.

The is the most ugliest bike I have ever seen. Even when the ZMR was released ever other person knows its a copy of different bikes (Speedo, tail light from VFR) White color body and ZMR decals from Hayabusa, that got it a nick name as “Hayachusa” 2014 Karizma looks the most fugliest of all, It has some serious identity crisis, I am not sure where all they have lifted the designs from? At fist glance it I thought it had dual headlights and looked more like CBR600R ( later I realized they are side reflectors and looks from the front the bike it looks very disproportionate carrying a huge dome on puny tires. the size is so larger than life (would look like someone sitting on a giraffe rather than horse)

The guy who is going to ride this will become a joke for sure.. and yes, you will attract lot of smiley or even laughter faces for unwanted reasons…. YUCK ! Like the saying goes “curosity killed the cat” Looks like Mr. Munjal is having a panic attack ever since Honda left him and making him to all sort of crazy things.


Nilkamal October 10, 2013 at 11:53 pm

However it have been copied from other popular bikes but i love it because…
(1) it’s heavy weight.
(2) big size.
(3) tires are 18 inch rim.
copied is not the main’s good that is it’s.


Fred March 31, 2014 at 11:16 pm

Besides all the lack of originalities in designs and all, Hero Motors have gone from hero to zero. Look at the qualities of plastics etc. they are using now. Even in the secondhand bikes market, it is the least selling bikes now a days. I bought my Karizma last year and is now only 7 months old, but i can’t sell it for even Rs. 65000.


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