Confused which bike to choose between the extra refined Honda Unicorn and the extra loaded Suzuki GS150R? Here, we try to help you find the perfect partner in your goods and bads.

Honda Unicorn: Unicorn was the first bike launched by Honda under their fully owned arm, HMSI (Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India). Prior to that, they had already established themselves in the scooter segment with 102cc Activas and Dios. Since then, Unicorn has been regarded as one of the most refined bikes in the country along with great mileage and adequate performance.

honda unicorn 150cc

The bike comes loaded with a 4 stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled engine with a displacement of 149.1 cc which produces its maximum power output of 13.3 Bhp at 8000 rpm. (9.9 KW). Maximum torque of 12.8 Nm (1.3 Kg-m) is produced at an early 5500 rpm.

The bike has a 12 Volts 7 Ah battery for a smooth self start and a bright headlamp of 35 Watts. Kerb weight of the bike is a heavy 146 Kilograms which hampers the performance somewhat. The dimensions of the bike 2095 mm * 750 mm * 1100 mm (Length * Width * Height) and the wheelbase is 1340 mm which adds to the stability of the bike at high speeds. Fuel Tank capacity is 13 Litres which makes sure you have abundant petrol even at the longest of distances in your tank.

The bike has a Diamond frame which adds to the rigidity of the bike. The front suspensions are a tad softer telescopic shock ups with the rear being a Mono suspension which makes cornering on this bike as easy as it can get. The front tyres are 2.75 * 18 and the rear ones are 100/90 * 18 MRF Nylogrip zappers which makes sure you have enough rubber on the road at all times. The front braking does a good job with a 240 mm disc and the rear is a 130 mm drum set up. The bike comes loaded with a tuff up rear tube which reduces the risk of sudden punctures. It has a 5 speed gearbox which is regarded as one of the most slick gearboxes in India and the clutch feel is like hot knife on butter.

Talking about the practical aspects of the bike, than Unicorn would probably be one of the most hassle free bikes in India which does everything in almost right amounts. It performs quite adequately, has a class leading mileage in the range of 53 – 58 kmpl on actual road conditions and is a breeze to drive on tough Indian roads. What else does anybody want! Despite some hyped and good launches in the last few years, Unicorn held its place and sold pretty well more as a dependable companion despite it not having any hyped techs or the class lowest power output. But of late age and competition seems to have taken its effect on the bike and we expect a ‘real’ upgrade from Honda in the near future. Along with this, this bike had a few niggling issues of the rear rattling and cold starting problems (which are very common on almost all Honda machines in India).

Suzuki GS150R: Suzuki is the youngest player in India after their split with TVS during the initial part of the decade. Starting with the entry level 125 cc Heat and Zeus, GS150R is the third motorcycle from their stables. While Heat and Zeus did not do any good to their sales but their 125cc scooter Access was received pretty well by India and this 150cc bike seems to be going the right direction with this bike forming the major chunk of the total 12000 units sold by Suzuki last month. Talking about the specifications, this bike is loaded with a 149.5cc Air-cooled 4 stroke SOHC engine. GS150R has a better city drive majorly attributed to the mammoth torque of 13.4 Nm it produces which comes at 6000 rpm which goes along with a better power output of 13.8 bhp which is produced at 8500 rpm which makes this bike both faster and quicker despite being 3 kilograms heavier. The heavy weight and the huge torque also make it a better long distance tool.


This bike also comes loaded with fat tyres similar to Unicorn along with a better headlamp. Fuel tank looks majestic and can hold 15.5 litres of fuel which goes along with almost similar mileage figures in the range of 55 kmpl which makes it a unicorn killer. The bike has a 6 speed gearbox instead of 5 of unicorn and hence, make it is a much better ride in cities and even on highways as the 6th gear acts as more of an overdrive and helps in engine running under lesser stress with lesser fuel consumption. This bike also comes loaded with one of the best looking orange colored digital console which even has a gear indicator and a eco mode equipped engine rpm indicator, along with all the regular digital stuff. With Unicorn, the whole console is analogue and has a speedo meter along with a tachometer. The front suspension are telescopic but give a better response than Unicorn, while the rear suspension has a separate oil reservoir which acts as a magic on rough roads.

BikeAdvice Verdict: Unicorn enjoyed a different status till Suzuki launched GS150R in India during the initial 2009. Almost everything including the instrumentation, performance, looks, rideablity, engine adrenalin are better in GS150R with the mileage figures hovering around the same line. We see no reason why, if anybody is confused between these two bikes, doesn’t go for the Suzuki until service and spares of the latter is a problem in his area. Suzuki is around 2000 rupees costlier than Unicorn but the fact that it is significantly better than Unicorn in almost all the practical aspects, makes it a more sensible buy. Unicorn still holds a distinct appeal but it needs a complete overhaul and mere color and sticker upgrades might not do any good to Honda this time.

According to our perception Unicorn scores 6.5/10 and GS150R scores 7.5/10

Which 150cc Motorcycle You Own Or Prefer To Buy?

  • GS150R (49%, 89 Votes)
  • Honda Unicorn (34%, 62 Votes)
  • Prefer Other Brands (17%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 182

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  • Deepak

    GS150R got more votes than any other bike in the 150cc segment.

    I think Suzuki can concentrate on refining the 150cc segment rather than trying to capture 180, 125 and 100cc market shares.

    • rajendr

      yes if 60km per lt 180cc will ok

  • The GS150R is a huge step ahead for Suzuki after the silly Heat and stuff.

    I would prefer Yamaha though.

  • ak

    honda unicorn has very refined engine!!!

    its just butter silkY.

    • Anand

      Write a review of GS 150 r after 1 year, also after going for some spare parts needs……..then we can understand why Honda leads in the segment and what suzuki lacks, infact suzuki has to improve their spareparts network in a huge………My friend got a long 5 months for replacing his front Cowl of GS 150R after an accident………we can imagine the time lag for other parts of this bike.

      Unicorn is widely accepted bcz of their spare parts network. But Honda have to be carefull about the dealership networks. Some poor servicing reports in certain areas in India. And Huge waiting period of their models (got after 6 Months after booking a Shine!!). Dont go to any Company service centers for any models/brands.. Always service in trusted workshops( for your bike sales)

  • nazboy

    The article was good.. but i think there is no comparison between the two bikes discussed. I dont think these days anyone would be confused between these two bikes as they have far better options available in the market. As for my opinion i dont think anyone even thinks for going for a Unicorn these days considering the fact that you have bikes from Yamaha FZ series and the newly launched fazer 150 and not to forget TVS Apache RTR.

  • chinmay

    In commuter series I found GS is good. R15 will be all time fav. till KAWA comes in the market.

  • nazboy: The article was good.. but i think there is no comparison between the two bikes discussed. I dont think these days anyone would be confused between these two bikes as they have far better options available in the market. As for my opinion i dont think anyone even thinks for going for a Unicorn these days considering the fact that you have bikes from Yamaha FZ series and the newly launched fazer 150 and not to forget TVS Apache RTR.

    Here, we are talking about the commuter segment and not about sporty/sports bikes. The riding positions of Yam’s mentioned or RTR is damn bad for long rides or with a pillion.

    • I agree!
      I also disliked RTRs seating position if one has to consider long rides with it.

      The basic problem is, almost all of the Indian bikers who appear on the Internet discussions seem to be missing a very important aspect of a bike : Comfort.

      True biking pleasure isn’t in just driving across a city, zooming around and flaunting the colors and looks. but in going distances with your machine, where the love between you and your ride matters. you take care of the machine, machine takes care of you.

      Both Unicorn and GS150R are quite good in terms of comfort and trust level.
      If you have them, you don’t have to give a second thought to a 1000 Kms cruise with your friend sitting behind you.
      I still prefer GS150R because of its 6th gear, smoothness and wider handlebar. all in all, a comfortable ride.

  • ak

    i liked the voting option u have introduced in ur articles, i hope u add it in every other suitable articles

  • Deepak

    ak: i liked the voting option u have introduced in ur articles, i hope u add it in every other suitable articles

    All the future comparo articles will have voting option! 🙂

  • nazboy

    Got your point that you are discussing commuter bikes here, so you mean to say that Suzuki GS150R doesnt fall under a sporty/sports bike category and is a commuter bike? By calling a bike sporty you mean its sporty in looks or in specs, or a bike becomes a sporty just by its seating position?

    With so many options available these days i don’t think many people would be going for a bike like unicorn which has not seen any upgradation for such a long time! So where is the confusion between the two bikes discussed? Anyways, i don’t want this to be a point of argument but this is what i have felt may be i’m a bit unclear about the things around 🙂

    Mithun John Jacob: Here, we are talking about the commuter segment and not about sporty/sports bikes. The riding positions of Yam’s mentioned or RTR is damn bad for long rides or with a pillion.

  • Pawan

    Damn, not that i’m not satisfied with my 2 month old unicorn, had i known of the GS150, i would have gone for it.I used to own a 150 pulsar(which got stolen in the middle of the day from my college parking!) and i must say, i feel the unicorn a little heavier than the pulsar, especially while negotiating turns at low speeds.Maybe i just havent got used to unicorn as much.Engine is makkhan and a pleasure to ride at const speeds.

    Oh and, while starting the bike for the first time of the day, the engine kinda breathes, and apparently, we are to let it breathe, which takes some time and gets kinda annoying at times.Apart from that, and the lack of a sporty digital dash, the bike is amazing.



  • Salman

    Mithun John Jacob:
    Here, we are talking about the commuter segment and not about sporty/sports bikes. The riding positions of Yam’s mentioned or RTR is damn bad for long rides or with a pillion.

    With all due respect sir, I think the Yamaha FZ-s riding stance is excellent for even city conditions as is the stance of the Karizma! And the FZ and the new Fazer were designed for long tours.

    I think the bike makers are eventually trying to make the “commuter” sector the “sporty” sector.

  • ocean

    Performance bikers in India need to consider multi cylinder motorcycles as performance bikes – not glorified commuters whose engines have been maxed out and do not have the dynamics, stability or weight to be safe on high speed runs

  • x_men

    Well safety is also a very important factor which is not mentioned here.High speed stability , control on bike while locked braking , the gear box feel and ofcourse the engine refinement of honda unicorn is still a way ahead then any other bike in india . Going to 100 + speeds is a kids game on unicorn , whereas one does not gets that much comfort and confidence(of safety) at 100 + speed with any other bike in india .Also the power difference between suzuki and honda is not sufficient enough to be considered for choosing between the two. GS150R is a bit faster and Unicorn is a bit more Fuel efficient , hence the net difference between overall engine efficiency is zero.The only positive point in Gs is 6 speed gearbox. Rest of the things viz;
    3.Availability of spare parts
    3.Engine refinement
    4.Reliability(GS 150R is too new in the market to be considered as proven/reliable)
    Unicorn is still the undefeated king of 150cc segment.

    • Shiva

      Thanks X_men.. I have booked Unicorn and waiting for my baby to get delievered.. but since i saw Suzuki GS 150… i was confused if had made a wrong choice… I felt GS to be more good looking… but there are only 6 outlets in Chennai and also service is poor…

      Ur comment clarified my dilemma… Hail Unicorn!!!

  • Vru

    Breaking is not good enough on Unicorn.. in fact it’s a bit scary at high speeds. I felt that Unicorn’s straigt line stability is questionable and the bike is heavier compared to other 150’s, which again makes it hard to negotiate corners.. it’s a bike for leisurely rides.. that makes it apt for the title power commuter.

  • matraka

    Too new to be considered good? Are you joking x-men? Do you think Suzuki (which is like nikon for photography) will start with a poor first model? NO, this bike is rock solid.
    Let’s stop now about speed on these bikes, please. They are commuters, and Suzuki GS 150r is a bit advanced than Unicorn. Talk about speed when it comes to 500cc or 1000cc not less or you’ll be ridiculous.

  • Antony

    Unicorn has a diamond frame. Unicorn has monoshock, although its old technology monoshock without linkage. Yam R15 has monoshock with linkage, but R15 is way overpriced. Suzuki has oil reservoir rear shocks, but does anyone know what kind of frame does the Suzuki Gs150r have?

  • auf13

    fote 4 suzuki….
    u wont regret 2 what u will get..
    but it’s still 2 heavy 2 me.. why the weight is not 130-132

  • niraj

    Apache RTR :–Flop bike

  • sreekanth

    i am confused to take a bike i want 2 take a 150cc bike plz suggest a nice bike..

    • amit

      if u will drive 50-100 km daily.then go with suzuki gs150cc.
      or only for style mielage does not matter go with yamaha fazer.

  • machan

    Are you living in India Antony? 500CC ans 1000 CC huh ???and speeds of 120+ huh ? Come down to earth man.. If you are talking about 500 C bullet, come with me on to the highway..i will rock you with karizma.. you will never race again.

  • Dip

    Hi all

    I think to talk about 500cc and 1000cc bikes and constant speeds of 120+ kph is really ridiculous! Lets admit it guys, we do not have Texan highways here!! 225 – 250cc bikes are enough to burn the roads… and for long rides, neither Unicorn or Suzuki 150cc or any other 150cc or 200cc bikes. P220 is a potent bike but the engine is a bit too noisy for my liking!(Not to offend anyone) This is the same for any bikes from the Bajaj stable. I have a Karizma, and amongst all the bikes i had or ridden (I had an Ambition, Unicorn, Pulsar)this is the best bike if you are to go on a long ride and also stick to a shorter schedule! The stress-free engine works like a dream even at a constant speed of 110+.

  • cool

    500 cc and 1000 cc byks!!! is that necessary ? i dont think a normal indian could afford to get a byk which will only perform in highways and digs a big hole in your wallet

  • Tuhin

    the head lamp of this bike looks very good

  • john

    unicorn much better than gs150

  • amod

    hey gs is superb model of suzuki
    if any 1 wants to buy byk in 150 cc segment
    go for suzuki
    very reliable and smooth

  • Rohim

    Hi guys, I am going on holiday to Bangladesh in December. Going to buy motorbike, need your wisdom and expertise. Which bike is the best in B.D. Money not an issue, just need an awesome machine thats reliable and looks the business. Has to be a reputable brand. Thanks.

  • kamal

    I am impressed with the review but let me post my comments as iown a pulsar 150dtsi,.one of the worst bikes in india and coming to UNICORN its best in this segement and when i read the review GS150r is good but to my experience i felt UNICORN is the best as the GS150r Engine is not smooth as UNICORN’s engine i felt the GS150r engine was quite like the PULSAR engine as its was giving lot of sound but all other aspects are good like digital console BUT UNICORNS quality is AWESOME,…………

  • vinay

    hi Guys

    i test drove the suzuki GS150r which has clocked 7100kms,there are some problems like there is engine tappet sound and the saddel height is high comparing to unicorn.handling GS150r is similair to any dualshock bike but unicorn is excellent with Monoshock.0-60 is just 5 sec where as in unicorn it takes 6 seconds,vibrations are high in gs150r compared to unicorn.cornering in unicorn is very fast and safe but gs150r tends to skid in higher speeds.i suggest honda unicorn is safe bet and Suzuki gs150 needs to develop more.

    • Om namaha

      There is no comparision wit is the best bike in all angles. Like height,weight,width, mileage,comfort,speed..etc,etc.i love gs150R.

  • Patil

    Bob cool review.. I hope u could give additional comment on the bike now…

    Well both the bikes are Macho in the segment. Personally i feel they do a good performance in the commuter class. The most positive thing for a Unicorn is the successful stories behind it. The main drawback with Suzuki is new bike. Think over guys when an new thing comes up it will try to make a better one than the one which is existing in the market.. Always think one thing when an evolved version comes out the new fresh look will be there but, the positive aspects are more like necessary for an history to be made. This makes both the beast equal to one extent.

  • Anupdas

    Ever since Unicorn was introduced I was big fan of it. Thanks to my friend i could ride one(2007). After that I got to ride it very often. After two years, two of my friends bought the newer model( pearl black with toe shift). As everyone said it is a very refined, smooth bike. The only problem i found was the weight of the bike, when comes to city riding it puts lot of strain and you can just look how 100cc bike riders are goin zig-zag. Cornering is difficult in slow corners compared to Fz and pulsar.

  • Samkiran

    We Indians are always taken away by the looks and believe that what looks good is the best and are not ready to listen to others and accept the truth. Most people have the habit to praise their owned product thus making it difficult for others to choose the right product. I suggest those looking for a new bike to take a test ride of the bikes you are shortlisting and take advice from a person or mechanic who has well knowledge and experience of the bikes rather than spending your hard-earned money on a different taste of bike. Do remember the purpose of buying the bike. Everyone has a different taste. Go for what you like rather than what others like. If it is purely for fun, racing, rash driving then please excuse japanese bikes. I have 30 years of bike riding experience and have come to the conclusion that these japanese bikes are like our life partners(wife), treat them well and they will serve you for life. If you treat them like a whore, u will know what will happen.

    I own gs150r since an year and has clocked 13000kms till date. Let me tell u this is an amazing bike. It is a fun to ride at highways. The looks, feel of the bike, rock solid stability at high speeds is really great. But it is not better than unicorn in all aspects. When compared to unicorn, the engine is noisy and taking sharp turns and cornering at high speeds is a bit scary. It is not due to the weight but weight-distribution. GS150R front portion is heavier than the rear whereas unicorn has perfect weight distribution. It is just 4-5kgs heavier than unicorn. But this bike is much better than any other bike in this segment. It is just next to unicorn. The comfort level, mid-range and top-end pickup is better than unicorn. The Mileage I am getting is between 50-55 in city and above 60 on highways. I am totally satisfied with the bike. Buying either of the bike will make u happier and satisfied.

    A well maitained and properly serviced Honda Unicorn and Suzuki GS150R has

    Honda Unicorn:

    pros: superb Handling, sharp cornering, mileage, engine refinement, comfort, vibration free
    cons: Bland looks, poor horn and headlight, no digital instrumentation

    Suzuki GS150R:

    pros: Stylish, mid and top range pickup, mileage, 6th gear, digital instrumentation, comfort(more than uni), smooth at high speeds(less than uni), minimal vibrations(almost zero excluding 3k rpm)
    cons: poor headlight, feels heavy, high speed cornering, noisy initially(similar to pulsar), chain gets loosend often.

    The cons mentioned above are almost negligible. Both the bikes are much much better than any other 150CC bike in this segment.

    • S.V.Giri

      dear sam,
      thank u for the wonderful n balanced comparison. last week only i purchased GS150R. after read ur review i had a clear idea abt my bike. thanks a lot once again. pls let me know is it possible to increase lighting pwr? here Suzuki mech not allow to do bulb change to 55/60 Philips. and battery to 9amp.
      he saying tat it could harm CDI unit. earlier i had same pbm wit discover 125 DTSi. after a long time (2years) cdi unit burned after charge the battery.still i’ve used 9amp battery n 55/60 philips bulb n enjoyed gud lighting.
      i’m expecting ur reply dear…… giri. tamilnadu.

      • Tariq

        Very good and unbiased judgement Mr Samkiran. I liked it.

    • suvodip roy

      your review is excellent nd calm

  • Anupdas

    Well said Samkiran. That was an excellent review. Im a proud owner of GS as well but for only a month. I bought this reading hundreds of posts and reviews available in internet. At present in 150 cc commuter segment GS150 is the best. Unicorn has proven its reliability and refineness. Im 5 7″ and 70. I feel that the real capability of GS comes over 60kmph. The stability of GS is more than unicorn.Im getting an average between 55-60. Having weight on the front is infact better for cornering since you will have more traction and better handling. The addition gear helps to cruise in high speed and puts less strain on engine. In no means GS is second to Unicorn if not better.

  • Samkiran

    Thanks, Anupdas. GS150R is next to unicorn in the handling department. Unicorn is the best in terms of handling. I have clocked 13250kms on GS150R in an year and know how this bike handles. You are right that high speed stability is more in GS due to more weight. Overall both the bikes are equal. Infact GS looks fresh and unicorn is little bit outdated. When GS was launched, I thought it will be unicorn killer but it has hardly effected unicorn sales. Daily on the way to office, I see lot of new unicorns but could hardly find a GS in a week. Unicorns are selling like hot cakes even though we have better looking unicorn(GS150). Two of my colleagues bought unicorn recently even after riding my gs. When I asked them why? They replied, even though they liked GS a lot they don’t want to take a risk as they have bad experiences with pulsar 180 and FZ16. I am using GS for an year and it never dissappointed me. It is as reliable as honda. Ofcourse it has few cons but no bike is perfect.

    • bagchi_p123

      Dear Sam, today for the first time I have opened this website and I would say you have written a decent review. I am planning to buy a bike in the 65-75K range.It should be a heavy one and of minimum 150cc. It will be used mainly for weekend trip and should be able to carry two persons with combined weight of 200kg plus. Fuel efficiency in the range of 40 kmpl is enough. Budget is flexible. Which bike other than bullet you would suggest? Thanks, Purnendu Bagchi, Nagpur, Mob: 07875440722

  • Kishan

    Mr Sam, good comparison. Agree that unicorn handles better than gs150 but is now outdated. GS looks superb. A simple engine from Honda without any special technology even after six years is still the best in the market. To match it suzuki came with overdrive 6th gear, engine balancer technology, BS26 carburator with TPS, digital gizmos but is still not better than unicorn in all aspects. If Honda comes up with all these technologies imagine where it would be. But hats off to suzuki for its dareness to challenge unicorn and give us a bike almost equal to unicorn if not better. Currently GS150 is a better buy than unicorn as it looks fresh and has lot of features. Can’t say what will happen when honda launches Unicorn sports concept. If it has more power, 6th gear, rear disc brake and digital instrumentation than it will remain unmatched for another 6-7 years or more.

  • Wajid

    My friend owns gs150R and I did not find it better than honda unicorn in all aspects. Even my friend thinks the same. The mileage figures for gs150r is not consistent even though we drive it the same way and below 70. I think you are overreacting and creating hype. At the most GS can be considered equal to unicorn along with all the technologies and the digital instrumentation it has but not better. Handling, engine refinement and smooth rideability of unicorn is still unmatched.

  • Anupdas

    Samkiran, I have liked Unicorn ever since it was launched. But you know one thing last day i rode Unicorn ( 1 year old 3rd version)of my friend, just to know how it handles in high speeds. I found it no more comfortable at high speeds and braking than GS. It may be because of my driving style.In my place Im the only the only one with this, whenever i park it. People are coming and asking about it mileage, handling and the dealers. I feel more like a celebrity, we all know what Suzuki Fiero did a decade ago when CBZ classic ruled the 150cc segment we can still find proud owners of Fiero. I hope GS do the same.

  • Anupdas

    Wajid, well said mate. Every bike is unique in their own way just like people. There are some who have found GS better handling than Unicorn. In our country people only goes for a proven brand, they cant afford to buy a bike and discard it if they dont like it. So every one is goin for proven brands. The correct practice should be taking a test drive to know how they feel about it and not by what others say. I just wanted to say how i felt about it, we gave them some details. Now they have to decide what they feel. About the reliability of Honda one of my friend who has been taunted by the carburator issues and cold start ever since he bought it. Let the reader take a decision of their own

  • Wajid

    Anupdas, I agree that gs150r is stable than unicorn at high speeds and this is due to heavy weight. But it is not easy to handle as unicorn in slow speeds and tight corners. What can I say. Samkiran has already well said in his first comment. I own neither unicorn nor GS150R. I own R15(completely different league). Before that I own suzuki Feiro. Long back my dad owns suzuki supra. I hope many might not even heard about its name. I am well aware of suzuki’s pros and cons. R15 owners know what handling means and I must say I find unicorn second to my R15 in handling department. In my friends circle 5 members own unicorn(1st, 2nd and current generation) and none have any carburator issues. They are all satisfied with their bikes and have not even spent a penny other than regular servicing. Theirs bikes are so smooth that I could hardly hear a sound. GS is not smooth as unicorn and infact it produces sound similar to pulsar at low and medium speeds and its only when it crosses say 55-60, it becomes smoother but far less than uni. That is the reason I wrote “Handling, engine refinement and smooth rideability of unicorn is still unmatched” and that is true. Do read reviews on others sites as well. Many GS owners have accepted it.
    My colleague who owns gs for an year is always complaining about tak-tak sound, loose chain and inconsistent mileage. He fell down twice from his bike when he applied sudden brakes at the speed of 60 and is unable to control the bike due to its heavy weight. Should I call suzuki unreliable? No. Every bike has one or other issues. That doesn’t mean that they are not reliable. If honda has cold start problem, suzuki has inconsistent mileage problem. Many have reported it. We must not get biased towards a bike because we own it. Let’s not make these issues bigger. It is almost negligible when compared to the issues in other bikes. As you and sam said, I too suggest readers to take a test ride of the bikes they are shortlisting and better take suggestion from a good mechanic or experienced person.

  • Samkiran

    Generally people who go for test rides check for top speed of the bike. They have a mindset that the fastest is the best. “I reached 110kmph, so this bike is superb. I am going to buy it”. Remember the best need not be the fastest.
    Guys, do check top speed if you like but don’t forget other important aspects. Check how it brakes, try hard braking, take sharp turns, U-turns and check the turning radius and its handling. Observe how it handles potholes, uneven roads, how it performes on inclines. This is how we ride in real life. We won’t be getting open roads to hit 120kmph always. In this crowded world check how the bike handles in day-to-day scenario.

  • Anupdas

    Wajid i lost to you man. For the last 10 years i have been riding kinetic honda since my parents didn’t dare to get me a bike. After a full five year of pleading i got my baby 3 weeks ago. May be i was little blinded by it. About the tak tak sound, sound in low – medium ranges, i haven’t felt any( haven’t opened more than fourth of throttle). I have rode it only 850 km in. But about the mileage i have consistently got above 55.Infact its getting better in last few refills, since those were some highway rides. About the riding comfort of R-15, tried running it in city due to the position i felt so uncomfortable with a pillion while moving with traffic, an erect posture is required for longer drives. One more thing GS only looks bigger its only 3 kg more than unicorn. So it depends on the weight of the rider. Anyone having doubt with these do a test drive

  • vinay

    riding unicorn is real fun and stylish when compaired to gs150r…. so i prefer to look towards brand new unicorn.

  • Rohim

    Hi, all you bike lovers, I am going on holiday to Bangladesh, What is a good bike in Bangladesh, Want to buy brand new from showroom, money not issue. Rohim.

  • vijay

    hi fnds i read the comments its nice i think suzuki will hit the titans and sale in huge level,i will prefer suzuki GSR150 i gots new looks and also i will lovable by byk lovers

  • vijay

    it will always be a nice byk i mean suzuki GSR150,every company should lay down before it,except hero honda because they were good,but TVS & BAJAJ sucks.

  • ajitkumar

    hiiii i like unicorn bt right now im confuse 2 take unicorn r suzuki i know the feature f suzuki is better bt thene 2 im confuse so plz sggest smthng my frnd

  • hirthik

    Hi lads tx all for ur comments. Though I’m very much perplex 2 prefer suzuki r unicorn.i concern more for mileage,maintenance and comfort coz i often have long suggest me which best suits me.

  • Mukund @ Nainital

    Hi Guys ! I have been going through all the comments. I am currently owning a 5-yr old Fiero FX …. it is only with 4 gears 🙁 … but in the hills of Nainital it does not matter that much… Now I am planning to change to a newer 150-160 cc bike… I am a 40+ family person and hence have shortlisted Apache FI-160, Suzuki GS150R and Honda Unicorn.
    From all the discussions I have come to understand that FI-160 cannot be serviced for FI except at its service station… this could leave me stranded…
    In fact all this reading has set my heart on Suzuki’s new model… GS150R
    Guys, please advise … I am living in a hill station and mostly I have to use 1-2 gear… on the steep climbs and of course the high gears on the Mall Road…

  • Anupdas

    @ Mukund

    I’m a proud owner of GS for last two months, its a bike for long drives and as your area requires to drive in 1-2 gears i would suggest you to go for UNICORN. The first two gears dont have bite in GS where as UNI is an all rounder.

    @ Hrithik

    If you are concerned about mileage, maintenance and comfort go for GS. The added 6th gear is definitely an overdrive which will make engine stress free in long runs and the bike is very stable in high speeds.

  • Mukund @ Nainital

    Thanks ! … I have now decided for Suzuki… I believe I am making the correct choice … I will keep you all updated on its performance…

  • arun

    hi guys i am arun and last week i brought gs 150r and in one word i can say that this bike is better than unicorn because it gives u the majestic feel when riding or on the stand still but unicorn doesnt and coming to mileage i get around 55-59 which is very good for 150 cc segment but unicorn doesnt and the engine is very refined of course next to unicorn but in other segments this bike kills unicorn in terms of looks,design, digital instrumentation,mileage,handling,mid range torque,powerful horn,build quality,tank capacity(15litres,reserve -three and half litres),comfort to both the rider and the one sitting at the back smooth engine ,so i suggest gs than unicorn ..

  • Mukund @ Nainital

    Hi Guys ! I too have gone ahead and bought Suzuki GS150R. It is a fine bike and the pleasure of driving it is just indescribable…. Arun, Yes it does give a majestic feel and looks too… I filled the tank one with 10.5 litres and then again after about 120 km of hill driving with 10.5 … i feel it can take more than 15.5 litres… as I couldn’t have burnt 5 litres….. Any comments…
    However, keeping to below 4500 rpm while climbing (as advised in the owner’s manual) is hard and I have to drive in first gear… Any advise for me on this anyone.

    Wish you all a Very Happy Holi !

  • arun

    no idea mukund just ask the company guys about it they will guide u better than anyone of us here because they r the ones who trained and loaded with perfect knowledge about this bike and moreover if this is ur new bike try to treat it like a child by handling it as smoothly as u can until your second service if u want ur bike to stay healthy for the next 3 years and everyday morning before u go out with ur bike dont forget to start the engine and make it stay like that for 30 seconds for a better engine life

  • Ali

    I have taken test rides of both the bikes twice. Once in crowded city traffic and other on highway. The initial pickup of unicorn is decent enough but not great but the midrange is very strong followed by top end which is also good. GS initial pickup is below average infact low, strong midrange and strong topend. However, I feel for city riding Unicorn is better option than GS as the initial pickup is more and cutting through traffic is like a 100CC bike and handling is superb. Whereas I found GS somewhat uneasy to handle in traffic and even though it has just 3kgs more weight than unicorn it feels much heavy. GS150R becomes very powerful and smooth after 60kmph and till 85kmph its good and then sound becomes harsh. And after 90kmph it becomes sluggish. The max I have done on GS150R is 104kmph and found the bike to be very stable at that speed. Unicorn on the other hand seems powerful upto max 80kmph and then it takes time to reach 100 eventhough the engine remains smooth compared to GS150R. So GS is better than unicorn at long rides. Power delivery of unicorn is smooth and linear throughout the revrange right from start upto 80kmph and then it begins to drop whereas in GS150R it starts from low and then it rises and rises and rises upto 90kmph and then it begins to fall. The most important thing that I like about unicorn is it superb handling, engine refinement and linear power delivery irrespective of surface i.e you will feel same amount of power whether you are riding on straight surface or climbing a flyover. And the special thing about GS150R is the majestic feel you get when you sit on the bike. You will feel as if you are riding a big bike which is absent in any other bike in the current market. The other thing is the fun factor and rock solid stability at high speeds. To put it simply, unicorn is good for crowded city as well as open highway and GS150R is amazing bike for highways with little compromise on city ride. Both are equally fuel efficient with gs150r slightly on the higher side inspite of more power and weight. Comfort is equally good in both the bikes eventhough GS150R seat seems to be wide. In Style and built quality GS150R beats unicorn handsdown. Unicorn looks outdated infront of GS150R. Inshort, Unicorn is best allrounder bike and GS150R is the best value for money bike in the 150CC category.

  • Kishan

    I agree with you that Unicorn is the best bike in 150CC category and GS150R is the best value for money bike and it is the quickest to reach 100kmph after R15. Unicorn is superb at handling and refinement and GS150R at acceleration and performance.
    Do read my short comparison here

  • Ranjit

    I own a suzuki zeus- and is very powerful, smooth and trouble free. It done more than 23000 km. so i should go for GS 150, when my present bike reach at 50000km.

  • amol raghuwanshi

    still confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    is it dat new vrsn of honda unicorn is cmng?

  • Mukund @ Nainital

    hi… have done just over 400 km … 1st service yet has not been done and i am getting 35 km per litre in the hill town of nainital… about 50% of the travel being uphill…. Any comments on this fuel average.

  • Rahul

    I own suzuki fiero and is now looking for an upgrade so decided to have a test drive. In my friends circle, I have both unicorn and gs150r. I reside at hyderabad and my family at siddipet. Every weekend I go to visit my family. Last time I took GS150R and this time Unicorn. To be honest, after taking test drives of both the bikes, I do not agree that suzuki gs150R is better than unicorn in all aspects.
    GS beats unicorn in looks department. Build quality is fantastic and the digital instrumentation is the coolest one I have seen. The initial pickup of GS dissappointed me in the city limits but once I enter the highway it amazed me with great acceleration and performance. The pickup is great after 60kmph and upto 85kmph. The engine is smooth but not throughout the revrange. It sounds quite like pulsar. After 85kmph it becomes very noisy. The bike is rock solid even at 90kmph speed. Handling is good but not great and is just like any other dual shockabsorber bike.
    Unicorn pickup is not great but good enough(decent) in the city limits with smooth power delivery. It becomes really fast after 40kmph. Handling is fantastic. It is just 3kgs less than GS but it handles like a feather. Engine refinement is amazing. At high speeds I can only hear other bikes sound or the wind. Everything about this bike is silent including the self start button. Comfort level is superb on both the bikes and I did not get any back or butt pain during my up and downs. I felt some wrist pain while on gs150r maybe due to handlegrips. Mileage figures are the same in both the bikes. I got 67kmpl on unicorn and 68kmpl on gs150r with similar style of driving. Yes, Unicorn has allround performance and GS topend performance. I agree with Kishan and Ali that Unicorn is allrounder and gs is value for money. As the handling is way better in unicorn and as I ride mostly in crowded city I decided to go for Unicorn but not this outdated one. I am eagerly waiting for all new updated unicorn which is going to come by this june. Otherwise I like GS150R as well.

    @Amol raghuwanshi
    Yes, honda is going to lauch an upgraded version of unicorn. It will be the same displayed at auto expo 2010 but the color will not be the same. One of my close friend who owns a unicorn enquired about new unicorn when he went for the servicing. The SC guy told him that new unicorn will hit the roads by june-july max. I am also waiting for it.

  • Antony

    Hmmmm new Unicorn by july 2010? I dont think so. Honda are not so fast when it comes to upgrading. They would first like to clear their present inventory of old unicorns. Anyway, the new unicorn, if at all it comes, actually looks worse than the current unicorn. It looks like bits and pieces put together instead of one smooth design. It has the same old-technology monoshock without linkage. Also, it is bound to be costlier as well. I hope Gs150r is upgraded even more by then, at least reduced weight by 3 kg, more lower-end pickup.

    Think about it guys. Suzuki Gs150r has forced Honda to upgrade the unicorn. So, at prsent, Gs150r is definitely better value for money and will continue to be if the new unicorn is much costlier. But i dont think they will launch new uni in 2010, probably 2011 only. What if gs150r is upgraded and comes with linkage monoshocks by then? Sadly, both Honda and Suzuki are slow with upgrades.

  • Arun

    Hi antony read your comment and what u said is 100 percent correct beacuse new upgraded version of honda unicron is not coming in july it is just expected to hit roads in the year end of 2010 check this link for further details

  • Arun

    I strongly feel that honda needs to bring great looks and digital instrumentation to the current unicorn if at all they want to compete with gs because gs 150r stabds out strongly in terms of better mileage,looks,digital instrumentation,majestic feel,mid range torque and great value for money that unicron

  • Naveen

    Mr. Antony. I do not agree with u. Do u know the old technology monoshock of unicorn is still better than the dual shocks of GS150R. Not only that even it outperforms monocross suspension of FZ16. That is the reason unicorn is the best handler in the 150CC segment and also across segments. Many GS owners have commented and accepted that unicorn handles much better than GS. GS150R is more value for money because of digital instrumentation, uptodate styling and 6th gear that helps in stress free ride at high speeds. But if honda upgrades unicorn just with digital instrumentation and more power, as they are doing it, it can beat gs150r even if suzuki equip it with monoshock. Because the soul of bike is engine and its refinement where unicorn still wins hands down. I am not against suzuki. Previously I owned fiero and now I have R15. I have good experiences with suzuki but honda is anyday better than suzuki so are their engines. We should not critisize other products because we own a different product. When GS150R was launched people criticised it. It looks like a combination of pulsar and unicorn. By looking only the pictures we cannot judge a bike. When GS hit the roads, they began appreciating it and then realized it is a wonderful bike and a worthy competitor to unicorn and it became a hit. The same is with new unicorn. If suzuki forced honda to upgrade unicorn then we will have a much better unicorn than the current bike. Let it hit the road then we will comment. Yes, honda is really slow in upgrades. The reason is they are not serious in the indian market. Their products sells in large numbers even if they look outdated. Unicorn still is selling in large numbers. Daily on my way to office, I see many new unicorns but rarely a GS150R. I do not agree with guys who says suzuki is not marketing the product well. Almost on every TV channel we are seeing GS150R ‘drive me crazy’ ad especially the sony channel. On the back of almost every autorikshaw and RTC buses we have a banner of GS150R. Currently GS150R is surely more value for money than unicorn but we can’t say what is going to happen in future because current unicorn only lags in power and looks to gs. In other departments it is still better. GS150R is an amazing bike for highways and as someone commented it can be termed as a tourer. Its acceleration above 60 is amazing. Its power delivery is not smooth and linear. It is smooth only between 4k to 6.5krpm and that to at the top gear. Otherwise it is noisy like pulsar. Acceleration is fantastic upto 85kmph then it becomes noisy and sluggish. Anyway it seems to be much better than any other bike. 0-100kmph timing is the fastest after R15. But if anybody wants a bike that performs equally well in city and highways irrespective of roads go for unicorn. Anyone wants to enjoy highway ride go for GS150R and it is the best tool for highway.

  • arun

    hi naveen just now read your comment everything was fine but in terms of handling i bet you that gs has got superb handling than unicorn even at high speeds because i own a gs and one of my friends own unicorn when we took both the bikes for a test ride in unstable road gs just handled out superbly but unicorn was just good ,coming to mileage i get 55-58 in city and on highways i get 65-68 will unicorn give the same mileage as gs does .My friend who owns unicorn gets just within 48-50 kmpl in city and on highways he gets 54-56,moreover the upgraded version of unicorn doesnt come with digital instrumentation the only upgrade they are going to do is the look of the bike for more details check this site

  • kailash

    Hey guys, GS150R is really amazing bike. I am enjoying every ride in it. The only problem is the mileage is not consistent and city handling is bad due to weight and very less pickup. Other than that awesome.

  • Ritesh

    I have done 17500kms till date and almost 2 years since I bought GS150R. This bike is really good but not perfect. I own this bike for performance and mileage. But to my surprise I got good mileage of 55kmpl till 1 year and after that my mileage and even the initial pickup dropped to a miserable one. I told the service guys no of times but nothing changed. They detuned the carburator for better mileage which resulted in much much less initial pickup and bad mileage.

  • Altaf

    Yes Ritesh. I am also facing the same issues with my GS150R. My odometer reads 15500kms. Mileage I am getting is just 48kmpl in city with speeds limits not more than 70kmph and never giving sudden throttle. The mileage I am getting is in economy mode. Upto 1 year it was ok and from then onwards it keeps on fluctuating never consistent. Previosly I was getting between 54-57kmpl but now it reduced to max 48kmpl. On pure highway I got just 58-60kmpl. When the bike was new I got 65-68kmpl at pure highways. I complained to service centre people they tuned it and after that it will improve for few days and again the same story. Now the SC guys are saying it may be due to improper runin of the bike. I took very good care of my bike since I bought it. Never gave sudden acceleration and occasionally touched 95kmph that too at highways. I bought the bike because of mileage and performance. The engine sometimes feels refined and smooth and many times rough and noisy. I don’t know what is the reason behind that. As the bike resembles pulsar and unicorn so does the nature the engine I believe. My friend who bought unicorn two months prior to me is still getting 58kmpl in the city limits. He has done 20000kms till date. Are the suzuki engines made to perform good till 2 years?

  • arun

    Hi atlaf just nw read your comment and i feel that the only reason for the fall down in performance of your bike might be the bad service done by the service guys may be you should check some other suzuki service centres nearby i too own gs and my bike has clocked 28150km even till today my bike gives me healthy mileage of 56 in city or else consult some expert mechanic

  • sumesh

    Most of the people ride the bike at below 70 km, i felt that GS150R is better than unicorn because of its mid range performance and better mileage Riding at top speed like above 70 is happen in occasionally I have GS150 and it covered 5400 km
    the main issue i noticed are initial pick up,chain lose,slow speed at high gear,except this GS is smooth , better mileage,dual riding modes (ECO & PWR), smooth gear shifting (up and down )

  • SK

    I don’t like the looks of GS. It’s too cheeky.

    On the other hand, Unicorn looks graceful and elegant, fit for an executive. You will look like a man when seated.

    Regarding colours, GS has non-standard colours. Orange is good, red and blue are very ugly.

    While Unicorn has very little choice in colours – only Black, Silver and Red, no Blue. Paint quality of both bikes is not very good.

    When I visited the Suzuki showroom, the seat of GS was loose on the bike. Quality of external fittings is not good on GS.

    If you are mindful of overall quality, go for CB Unicorn.

  • Praveen

    I see people complaining about Unicorn’s performance dropping after 80kmph. Well that is total BS(BTW i think it goes to 90kmph before slowing down). The top end performance of Unicorn depends a lot on how you ride is at lower speeds/lower gears. If you are to drive it in a normal manner and then try to go for high speeds it will get stuck at 95kmph mark.
    For getting best top end performance out of your Unicorn shift gears at 2nd @ 20kmph, 3rd @ 35-40kmph, 4th @ 50-60kmph, 5th @ 80-85/90kmph. This way you will fly past the 100kmph mark. Top speed I got is around 125+kmph(speedometer). Its hard to do long high speed runs on Cochin roads. Anyways I have done 100+kmph runs on NH47 between stretches 1) Kundanoor jn and Vytila Jn 2) Palarivattom pipeline and edapally jn 3) my favorite spot for high speed driving’s between UP bridge and new Mattanchery BOT bridge… wonderful road with a sexy curve. 4) Wellington island… Port Trust’s road… nice wide road with almost zero traffic.

  • Pratheep

    hey u people telling suzuki GS150R as a commuter bike……..R behind GS150 is RACING…..its looks like commuter bike tats alll…..its not a tourer….

  • arun

    Hey pratheep i own a gs and i agree with u saying that gs is just a commuter bike but at the same time it has got the capacity to reach 60 in about 5.10 seconds and to reach a top speed of 120+ max 130 and not beyond that

  • sarav

    Hi all,

    I have been looking for GS150R and Unicorn . At present Unicorn in not available in chennai. Little apprehenive over suzuki’s performance in terms of mileage. I am not going to race in chennai , i need a bike to carry me and my old mom often. but what i need is a good mileage. GS owners please confirm about the mileage, rusting problem


  • arun

    Hi sarav this is arun i live in chennai and i own a gs 150r since february of this year and so far i didn’t have any problem with the bike including the service and the availability of spare parts almost every aspect including the comfort mid range torque, greater stability at higher speeds,mileage in gs is better than unicorn except for the sound at greater speeds but this has got nothing to do with the performance there will be no drop down in performance for sure even after reaching 100 and so far i had no rusting problems,i am not saying that unicorn is a bad choice to go for both the bikes cost around 68,000 and the delivery time for unicorn is 2 months were as for gs it is just a week or 4 days including the registration .And coming to mileage i get around 54 in city ,so i suggest you to go for gs

  • Ahmed

    Sarav, dear do consider recently launched CB dazzler. Believe me you will be amazed by its performance. It is much better than any 150CC bike currently in the market. Its initial, mid and top end pickup are amazing and can be compared with apache rtr 160. I found its performance much better than my GS150R. I thought it be just like unicorn with slight better performance but I was wrong after test ride. It sprints like anything. Ofcourse it not macho like gs150r or unicorn but performance is amazing. But as your priority is mileage, go for GS150R. I am currenlty getting 55kmpl in city.

  • sarav

    Dear Arun
    Thanks for the reply where did u got your vehicle. in some other websites people suggested SMK porur

    Dear Ahmed
    it so nice of u to give me suggestion. i havent seen CB dazzler yet in flesh , But seen the photos it looks like more of sports vehicle and it doesnt fits the bill of an executive bike , looks more like TWISTER which i didnt prefer when i went looking for unicorn but still i will give a look in flesh
    btw where r u from ?

  • arun

    I am from chennai T.NAGAR and yes i suggest you to go for porur smk there the service guys are really good and their response is fantastic and if you r lucky enough you can see hayabusa bike displayed at their showroom like i did when i went for 2 buying rear brake pedal for my bike

  • arun

    And sarav please dont consider going for cb dazzler looks are not upto the mark trust me i ve seen it displayed in honda showroom adyar(chennai)the very first impression what i got was “Man what a horrible make over by honda guys” trust me afor a price tag of 74,000 i will not recommend this bike to anyone instead going for fz is far better and i haven’t test rode it yet but i think it will be better than unicorn.But before going for a desicion i suggest you to take test drive of both the bike because(suzuki and honda) both are of international brands and reliable.

  • Ahmed

    Guys, I suggest all do not comment on any bike without test riding it. Do not go by the specs or other opinions, have a test ride. When I decided to go for a bike, my friends recommended me to go for FZ16 as it is stylish, has got solid looks and very good performance. I researched a lot and took test rode all the 150CC bikes currently in the market and short listed two bikes according to my requirements, Unicorn and GS150R. Performance is not calculated by 0-60 timing or initial pickup. It depends on various factors like how the bike performs on a long run, Is it comfortable or not, how long the bike maintains the speed without becoming sluggish, how the bike performs at high speeds etc. I found unicorn and GS150R better than other bikes in these aspects. Both the bikes performs decently in the city and performs superbly at high speeds without any vibration or stress. Unicorn performs brilliantly in city as well as highways. An allrounder. GS150R is somewhat lazy but performs better than unicorn at high speeds and is quite stable. As I stay near to highway, I prefered GS150R and now is one of the quite satisfied GS owner.
    Regarding FZ16 vs Dazzler:
    Do not comment anything unless you take a test ride. Dazzler outperforms not only FZ16 but other bike including my GS150R(at high speeds) in terms of performance. Its looks may not be as refreshing as FZ series but performance is amazing. Before test ride, I thought its performance to be just better than unicorn but I was amazed by its solid pickup and performance at low and high speeds irrespective of gear. It sprints like anything and can be compared to apache RTR. It beats all the 150CC bike in terms of performance. It is definitely value for money product. Do not believe me, have a test ride and check for yourself.

  • sarav

    Hi guys
    planned to visit this SMK at Porur and then as ahmed as said will give a look at CB dazzler. I spotted couple of GS150R,one a candy orange, realy i couldnt catch him with my HHpassion he just zipped and zapped and went inside the general insurance co at mount road near anand theatre signal the other one was parked in a house at my area gandhinagar saligrammam after this sat let me decide and let u all guys know about that. do you guys put in your comment at this site called XBHP?

  • Samkiran

    I agree with Ahmed. Do not jump to conclusion only by looking at the bike or specs. When Unicorn was launched, people hated it saying it resembles CBZ, looks ugly, uncles bike etc etc. It came out to be the best 150CC till date with ultra smooth and refined engine, top class handling, stress free ride, perfect blend of mileage and performance, superior comfort. When GS150R launched people called it copy cat of pulsar, combination of unicorn and pulsar, aged styling. Now they realized it is nothing less than unicorn if not better. Dazzler ofcourse doesn’t looks groundbreaking like FZ16 but it is better than FZ16 or any other bike in terms of performance. It has got solid pickup and do not forget it has got the bullet proof, trustworthy and proved unicorn engine. It can beat FZ16 in a drag race and its performance is much better than GS150R at high speeds. As it has less weight and dimensions it looks small and it is not as stable as GS150R or unicorn but performance is much better and is quite peppy. Go for test ride, especially long one and then decide.

  • Hi Guys,

    I feel GS 150 is here to stay and is going to give the Honda guts quite a few headaches.. I totally agree that unicorn is a damn good bike but Honda needs to seriously upgrade it.

    Thums Up to Suzuki!!

  • Sandesh Lamichhane

    i want to know the full details about the bike Honda shine, Hinda Unicorn and Sujuki Gs150R . Please send me the full details of these.

  • Deepak Sharma

    I have SUZUKI GS150R, its really a great bike in 150cc segment. great pickup, milege and sexy look too.

  • G,K,Thondulkar

    the gs is superior to the Uni, but their sales are low due to the absence of service centers in chennai. Once Suzuki improves this, the bike will start selling in droves.

  • Ranjit

    Hey Guys,
    i am taking GS 150 R on 9th sep. Could you please guide me on the exact mileage and is it a good choice waiting for your response

  • Chanpreet

    Hey Guys,
    i m going for GS 150 R in few days. Could you please let me know about the mileage, maintainance and comfort. i m confused between Unicorn and GS 150 R.
    Please advise. Awaiting for your response

  • arun

    hi RANJIT i own a gs 150r since february 2010 and so far no complaints i am going to compare gs 150r and unicorn below and depending on that its ur choice to go or nt
    unicorn: good(city and highway)
    gs150r:fantastic (city), highway(outstanding)

    gs150r: city(56-58) , highway(66-69)

    unicorn: analog
    gs150r :digital, rpm meter(analog)
    Two modes eco and power
    unicorn:descent looking bike
    gs150r:majestic and strinking but not sporty

    gs150r:6 speed(for long life engine and mileage)

    unicorn:silent and smooth
    gs150r:smooth but noisy at higher rpms

    gs150r :150kg for greater stability at high speeds

    gs150r :132kmph(i reached it personally @9000rpm)

    unicorn:approximately 2 months( cost RS.69,000)
    gs150r:apprpximately 2 weeks (cost rs.68,000)

    And finally ranjith please take a test ride of both these bikes because the taste and hunger for features in bike varies from person to person while buying a new one

    • Antony

      You got the weight wrong.
      Unicorn dry weight is 130 kg, kerb weight is 146 kg.
      Gs150r dry weight is 134 kg, kerb weight is 149 kg.

      kerb weight is the weight including weight of engine oil and full tank petrol. Gs150r holds 4 liters more petrol than unicorn, so obviously its kerb weight will be more. In normal, conditions, we have just 5 liters fuel in tank, gs150r will weigh around 141 kg.


    these bike is to better than fz. fz have only good design.
    these bike is to great style its pick are extreme

  • prabhakaran

    hello friends my vote is goes to Suzuki gs150r ,because i also had it really a better performance in city drive and very comfortable riding. Suzuki beat every vehicle of 150cc personal suggestion is to buy gs150r because there is no back pain during ride but in unicorn it is so choose carefully

  • Antony

    Hi! Arun, you mentioned the weight wrong of unicorn. Dry weight is weight without oil and fuel. Kerb weight is the weight with oil and full tank fuel. Unicorn dry weight is 130 kg and kerb weight is 146 kg. Gs150r dry weight is 134 kg and kerb weight is 149 kg. Just 3 kg weight difference between unicorn and Gs150r.

  • arun

    Sorry antony my mistake agree with u and friends as i have mentioned above the top speed is incorrect i mistyped it wrongly and forgot to check it the top speed i reached was not 132 kmph it is 122kmph@9000rpm in chennai ecr road thought of revving it harder but fearing the mishaps and the stress that i am putting on my darling( my bike) dropped it and came back to normal speed 45kmph

  • S.V.Giri

    dear sam,
    thank u for the wonderful n balanced comparison. last week only i purchased GS150R. after read ur review i had a clear idea abt my bike. thanks a lot once again. pls let me know is it possible to increase lighting pwr? here Suzuki mech not allow to do bulb change to 55/60 Philips. and battery to 9amp.
    he saying tat it could harm CDI unit. earlier i had same pbm wit discover 125 DTSi. after a long time (2years) cdi unit burned after charge the battery.still i’ve used 9amp battery n 55/60 philips bulb n enjoyed gud lighting. 4nds also tell me in highway ride in GS150R pwr mode r eco mode… tat 68 kmpl is in pwr mode???
    i’m expecting ur reply dear…… giri. tamilnadu.

  • Sendurr S

    I am planning to get myself a 150cc segement bike
    my requirements:
    1.good mileage
    2.good comfort-as i am going to travel 45km max daily
    3.tall-as I am 6.1ft, tall bikes would suite me look profestional.
    5.low maintance and spares cost

    To match my requirements I sorted out Suzuki GS 150r/unicorn

    Unicorn would take max of 3 months for delivery, so looked out for GS 150r, with its additional features and perfomance I felt GS 150r would suite me more.

    I test drove GS 150r and I was satisfied with it. Regarding unicorn I drove my friend’s bike, it was smooth, but GS 150r was more exciting, with even its 6th gear having more power than unicorn’s 5th gear.

    Reading many reviews , I came across that there is a problem in the braking system, could anyone help out in this and spot out if there are any other problems.

    • ajinkya ghule

      hey sendurr i had the same requirements as u hav… eve i was confused between unicorn and gs150! but i bought gs. the bike is amazing!!! the head lamp is good engine is very powerful and even brakes are good!! i dont feel any problem with brakes!!! the bike will surely suit u r height!! bike looks majestic and beautiful!!! great comfort and stunning performance!!! the bike will surely satisfy u!! go ahead with gs150r….. 🙂

      • mohan

        hi i think gs150 is better then unicorn.. gs150 is so smooth then unicorn riding is very good excelent suspension.. gs150 chanceless

  • Vaibhav

    Hey Guys! I loved the reviews & comments made by Samkiran & Mr Giri in this segment. I really appreciate the wau guys have reviewed ur bikes in all aspects including Power, Mileage, Cornering, Handling, Ride Comfort & Long distance travelling. I own a Honda Unicorn since the past 3 yrs (Running:45000 Kms) & I’m quite satisfied with its handling, Mileage, power in City & cornering at high speeds is awesome. However, I’m now tired of using it further & would like to know if I could replace it with a GS 150. If not, pls revert with a better choice in a similar price tag.
    Thank You.

  • arun

    Hi vaibav unicorn is a good bike but if your are looking for something that is far better than unicorn in 150cc segment i suggest you go for gs150r without any doubt because gs150r has got better features than unicorn and at the same time it is a great value for money product the initial pick up may not be impressive but it has got the capacity to reach 60 and 100kmph very quicker than unicorn and also it is the second quickest bike to reach 100 after r15 however i suggest you to take a test ride

  • arun

    hi Sendurr S the braking system in gs150r is good ,so far i faced no problems with the braking system , suzuki products are always good so u can go for it without any doubts

  • prabhakaran

    Hi Riders,

    I am owing Suzuki GS150r, Its nice pleasure to have it. additional features is good compare to unicorn, ya you can see the gear shifting mode, It got economy mode to get good mileage, its smooth, good grip, no shaking when we in high speed. worth buying… NO PROBLEM BIKE

  • ajinkya ghule

    hey sendurr i had the same requirements as u hav… eve i was confused between unicorn and gs150! but i bought gs. the bike is amazing!!! the head lamp is good engine is very powerful and even brakes are good!! i dont feel any problem with brakes!!! the bike will surely suit u r height!! bike looks majestic and beautiful!!! great comfort and stunning performance!!! the bike will surely satisfy u!! go ahead with gs150r….. 🙂 🙂

  • jamih pk

    i like unicorn it is more performance than gs 150

    • Nihal

      U should first take a test drive to GS150R den u will understand which 1 of these 2 bikes is nice….

      In my view Suzuki GS150R is king of 150cc segment bikes……

      GS150r rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • Manu

    hi friends, i have to purchase a bike. i want a 150cc bike with
    1- good mileage ( near about 50 kmpl)
    2- low maintenance
    3- comfort level
    4- stable and less noisy at high speed
    5- nice pickup, with reliable handling
    6- bike for a long time as i cant afford to change bike after 2 or 3 yrs
    i think that unicorn is more reliable than gs150r
    my uncle has good knowledge about bikes and he wants me to buy unicorn.
    after reading this page i m confused btw uni & gs.
    this is going to be first bike of my life.
    is there any problem in gs150 after 1 or 2 yrs?
    and according to my knowledge unicorn is highly reliable, and better than gs150r in all aspect
    please suggest………..

  • Manu

    and also, is there big difference between honda unicorn and honda cb unicorn.
    if it is then what?
    performance wise is there any difference?
    can any one paste images of both?
    and can anyone differentiate both?

  • Arun

    Hi manu don’t get confused too much buddy gs 150r and unicorn both the bikes are fantastic but gs150r is far superior than unicorn in every aspect the reason y experts now a days suggest someone to go for unicorn is because they would not have taken a test ride of gs150r ,if they have taken a test ride of gs150r then surely they would forget unicorn and ask everyone to go for gs150r for sure .Honda unicorn carries old technology and styling and is seen common on roads but gs150r has got technology , majestic looks ,refined engine superb stability records top speed of 115 kmph for sure @9500rpm and the response of reaching 30-100kmph is just spectacular overall gs150r is a great value for product money its satisfactory levels are great and the engine reliability depends on how u maintain it so i strongly suggest you to take a test ride of both the bikes and find out what suits you the most but my personal suggestion would be to for gs150r

  • Manu

    Thanks arun,
    In above posts i hv read that gs150 is giving fluctuating mileage after sometime….

  • arun

    hi manu the flucutation of mileage depends upon how you behave with ur bike during the initial period if u treat it rough before the first service then surely the bike will in return give poor mileage later , the following will tell u how i behaved with my bike during initial period and what are the benefits i got later
    1.until 1st service speed maintained was 35-40kmph
    2.after 1st and 2nd service speed maintained was 40-45kmph
    3.after third ,4th and 5th service speed maintained was 40-60kmph
    4.after 6th service i installed k and n air filter and started riding between 40-80 kmph that too in rare occasion i ride at 60+kmph max speed is 55 kmph
    now the benefits that i gained was healthy mileage approximately 57 kmpl in city never tested on highways
    no engine problems at all butter smooth and right now after fitting k and n air filter i am having ultra pleasure with my bike it is easily touching the mark of 0-70 kmph within few seconds without the stress from my wrist it just vroomz and the bikes weight has also got down felt like almost 4 kg is cut down cs suzuki’s air filter is damn heavy and very big in size so dont have any confusion buddy head straight to suzuki’s showroom and book gs150r i am 100% sure that u will be happy with the desicion u ve made but dont forget to take a test ride of both the bikes and compare the features

  • Nischint


    How easily the parts of GS150r avaiable in market. Heard they bit expensive also.

    Any idea on this GS150r proud owners. Asking coz i going to join ur club by buying G150r.

  • arun

    Gs 150r spares are not as expensive as Honda and yamaha being an international company suzuki’s spare parts are reasonable and the quality IS GREAT COMPARING TO Yamaha spare parts,don’t believe me then take a closer look at the build quality between fz ,r15 and gs150r you will surely find gs150r build quality far more superior than rest of the 2 bikes

  • mohan

    Thissuzuki and unicorn.. i think compare with this both bike bajaj xcd 135 is very good bike.. its having super mileage and super engine power for long drive… also its having super good look…

  • elia benjamin

    i have booked the bike on 01.12.2010

  • elia benjamin

    dark greenish blue

  • elia benjamin

    how is the service in bangalore

  • Nihal

    I just prefer to Suzuki GS150R……..This bike has excellent looks,good mileage,ambient acceleration and butter smooth engine as compared to honda unicorn…..

  • Suraj

    No one bike can be compared with Hond Unicorn. It is just fantastic and king among the 150cc segment.

  • Suraj

    Guys go for Hond Unicorn because it has sporty looks, excellent mileage, ultra smooth engine, low maintenance cost and the most easily available the spare parts as compared to Suzuki Gs150R…

  • arun

    well suraj it is a fact and also has been accepted by many bikers and critics that gs150r is far superior to unicorn in every aspect except for the ultra butter smooth engine even gs engine is butter smooth but not as unicorn i agree with that but in other aspects gs150r eats out unicorn easily an extra pay of RS.4000 u get the most beautifully crafted features which speaks about advanced technology embedded in gs150r’s engine can u show that in unicorn i bet not

  • Chanpreet

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks a lot for your advises on GS 150R. I had purchased my bike GS 150R and to be very honest i m very much satisfied with this bike. I am sorry to get back to you late. I had purchased this bike 2 months and to be very frank i am really happy with the bikes performance. The features of the bike are mentioned below :-
    Good comfort level.
    Good average 45 – 50 in city and 55 – 60 on highways.
    Good unique tail light feature
    Good 6th Gear Exp
    Gear Indicator feature
    Very Smooth riding. Especially for long journeys
    Cheaper than Honda Unicorn
    Delivery in almost 2 Weeks
    Real King of 150 CC Segment GS 150R

  • Prashant

    Suzuki GS150R undoubtedly makes you a loyal fan. I bought Suzuki whereas My Bro bought Yamaha FZ which is equally good on performance and so is unicorn but the problem with them is they require maintainance. These Bikes perform well if u maintain them well for eg. lubrication, regular servicing, air pressure etc. However my Suzuki performs best even on low maintainance. Suzuki’s quality speaks louder than other bikes advertisement action. This bike is a heart winner i tell u…

  • arun

    the build quality of szx is bit lower when comparing to gs150r the alloy wheels and visor in gs 150r is far superior than sz-x wish yamaha would pay special attention in biuld quality

  • eshwar

    hi arun/ all,
    i am planning to buy Suzuki 150 as i feel this is a very good bike from many reviews that i have read . i am given to understand that the service centres & show rooms are very few in chennai.

    can you let me know in which area did you buy the bike & where do you guys give the bike for servicing. tell me a good showroom & servicing centre who will really be helpful & good at their work

  • arun

    Hi ther eshwar i brought gs150r from abt(near nandanam signal) but for the first 4 services i gave at abt i was not much satisfied i heard from many that smk is the best so i started giving my bike for service there with which i was completely satisfied with their service they will note each and every problem in your bike and then will return ur bike in a great condition anyways if u have any doubt regarding this call me at 9962637512

  • eshwar

    hi arun,
    thanks for the info. i am new to chennai so can you pls expand what SMK means ?

    • arun

      actually i dont know what smk means but give me a call at 9962637512 i own a gs it will be better if u take a test ride of my bike then u will come to clear conclusion

  • eshwar

    hi arun,
    thanks for the info. i am new to chennai so can you pls expand what SMK means ?
    also is this SMK a service cntre alone (or) a show room too …

    • arun

      smk has got both service centre and showroom located at one place i personally know a guy named durai in smk velacherry branch they offer the best service centre in chennai

  • Sreehari

    I had Unicorn, Now I am using gsr 150 for past 1.4 years. I am so much in love with this bike. Good Mileage from a 150CC, Its so stable no matter how fast you are. The engine never knocks, till now I din do any service other than oil changing and washing. ( 18047KM )

    • arun

      great man this bike is just fantastic and great value for money but i don’t know y people aren’t considering this bike than going for unicorn

  • Bhushan wagh

    Suzuki GS150r is the “BAAP” of all 150 bikes…..if you wana buy it, defiantly go for it….i got 58 kmpl milage…its looks are like monster…

  • Krishna

    Ride the Lanza to feel it…thats what i can say 🙂

  • Krishna

    Manu, if you have not purchased bike yet.. let me tell you

    Unicorn has proved that it is a superior bike
    Suzuki GS150R is designed and crafted as the direct competitor for Unicorn.

    Suzuki’s marketing is not good thats y very less people know about this humble beast
    Test ride both … will understand the difference.

    Ride Safe 🙂

  • Hemant

    Hi All,

    Since last almost 10 years I am driving TVS Victor and I am very satisfied with it.

    Now I am planning to buy Suzuki GS150R. I am in IT industry, 32 years old. I am mainly looking for a bike with low maintenance, comfort (for both driver and pillion), a family bike and good milage.

    As far as what I have read, this bike seems to suit my requirement. Please guide.

    I have one concern. Till date I have only driven a bike with disk brakes. I have read somewhere that if in GS150R we apply brakes at high speeds, the bike might skid and the rider might fell down. Is this true? If yes what can we do avoid it?

    Also it seems difficult cutting through the traffic and taking turns.

    Please advice me.


  • Hemant


  • vsr

    i ve been reading u r unbiased reviews rich with experience.I want a125 cc very comfortable low maintenance decent mileage bike for commuting 20 to 30 kms daily with family. I dont want 2 spend more than 60 k.I shortlisted ss 125(oflate they ve stopped booking temporarily), slingshot and SZR(unicorn has a waitin period of 6 months ,both gsr&unicorn 70+k,shine 3 months waiting time, said to vibrate beyond 40kms& around 60k).Which bike I should go in for ?I look for ur suggestions

    • Shekhar

      Go for HH Glamour

  • John Hope

    Hi all,
    My brother owns unicorn.I loves this byke because the engine is smooth,silent,good pickup and speed and good control.But the millage is less and the worst problem is the backpain.I am terribly suffering from it .I think this is because of the single shock absorber.I expected a dual shock absorber in unicorn dazzler,but it did not have it.After reading reviews of suzuku G150R,i feel it is a good byke.Please advice and if possible ,give links of the website with user review with their byke photos(as seen in some websites).Cannot trust this reviews as may be they are marketing people reviews.

    It is surprising to see many complaints are registered at
    consumercomplaints website against honda unicorn.


  • vsr

    which is more comfortable to ride ss125 or sz r?125/150 cc or speed does n t matter?

  • harsha

    hi i would like to buy gs 150 i m seeing this add only pls tel me this is correct choice or what……?

  • Parth

    Hey I got Gs150r 2 weeks back …and the bike is damn smooth…Digital console is just awesome…I will write a review of it after some decent run of my bike…

    • Dr.Soundar

      hello friends.,suzuki is a good brand but it cant give overall satisfaction in riding.the pilliion seat is too high than others and this produce so much backpain in all riding condition. its not suit for youths. how can i said this is i owned this and changed to honda dazzler and so much loss in resale.dont go for that..prefer honda makes for better smoothy and comfort riding..all the best…..

      • antony

        Dr. Soundar, try to sell your dazzler and see. You will get even lesser resale than gs150r. In honda vehicles, only activa has resale. Other honda vehicles dont have resale value. Only few bikes like pulsar, apache, and splendor have some resale due to their popularity and high sales numbers. In secondhand market today, almost no vehicle has resale.

  • Kishan

    I m really confused . pl help me
    QUEST 1: I am a 20 year old college stu , Height : 6 feet , weight : 60kg , Do u think this would be ideal Bike for me in a city like Bangalore. My parents feel its too huge and heavy.

    QUEST 2: would there be any difficulty in getting the spare parts on time?

    QUEST 3: I want to know whether suzuki is thinking of discontinuing the model GS-150R? since i booked Greenish Blue colour, the sales person told me tat the colour is not available from past 3 months .

    • Murthy

      Hi Kishan,
      Only Karizma R or UNICORN or CBZ Extreme suits for 6′ height person

  • Amol

    Hi All,

    I have GS150R & I want to know that what is exact use of Eco Mode & Pwr mode feature & how its works. any one can explain me.. 🙂

  • Senthil Kumar

    I plant to buy a new 150cc Bike pls suggest me, Which is the best mileage bike in 150cc , Pls tell me

  • Krishna

    Its a never ending topic to finalize which bike is the best.
    I own a GS 150R and my brother a Unicorn. I rode both .

    Hope the following dozen points help people

    1) Unicorn will gain marks for the puncture resistant tuff up tires while GS got tube ones (Don’t know why Suzuki dint think of this)
    2) Both are very well suitable for long rides.
    3) Honda is famous for its silent engines, but Suzuki it’s quite opposite, it will roar like anything but GS is fine tuned hence i can say its a ‘Smoother Suzuki engine’ 🙂
    4) I was more comfortable to take cornering in Unicorn than GS
    5) Riding GS in Hair pin bend curves is bit difficult to handle , but with Unicorn its easy
    6) Mileage for both of the bikes is 50+
    7) GS is bit heavier than Unicorn
    8) Parking a Unicorn (by lifting or dragging to a place especially in Shopping malls) is easy than GS
    9) Unicorn looks are very Professional while GS are little rugged.
    10) GS body is very solid while Unicorn’s is good
    11) Wheel base of GS is more i.e Height is more than Unicorn hence , no worries if there are water pits on the road and worried that they are a feet deep . GS travels with out any problems, Unicorn’s is also good
    12) Finally 6th gear is the X factor for GS , you can sense that only when you ride

    i have put the things as points which i felt while riding both of these beauties.
    But i will assure that both bikes are awesome and worth every single rupee you put.


  • Krishna

    Hey Amol,

    ECO mode: it helps you to ride the bike not beyond 60, which means you get a better mileage. There is a sensor in GS below the ODO. It will blink when you are above 5k RPM meant you will be at a speed of 65kmph (my estimation)

    Power Mode:
    This is suited for long rides and the sensor wont blink or work. You can unleash the bike at any speeds.

    Hope you understood…


  • Krishna

    GS is giving me a consistent mileage of 51+ in the city( 19500 km in my odo ) as i will be at a speed of 60 kmph. its the 6th gear magic 🙂 For any 150cc bike 50+ is a good mileage.
    i got 55 once (Me too surprised about this figure)

  • Saji

    In Eco mode you will get indication @4500 rpm so that you can adjust acceleration for better mileage. In Power mode you will get indication @ 6500 rpm as a warning of high acceleration. Its nothing big..

  • awink

    Are there GSX DNA on GSR..???? Because the stop lamp looked same..
    How many top speed achieved..??
    But Overal Honda Unicron is looked better..

  • Krishna

    Hello Dr.Soundar,
    I have traveled on my GS as a pillion rider from Aghumbe Ghat to Bangalore (Jayanagar 9th block) with out any problem.

  • Krishna

    the distance from Agumbe Ghat to Bangalore is 380 Km. Just for your information.

  • Nesar

    Hi All,
    I am planning to buy “suzuki GS 150R”.Now i am in “chennai” ,Can anybody suggest me How much down payment is enough to get the bike? and what will be the monthly EMI structure after minimum down payment?

  • shariq

    if you buy a good bike with good performance,good comfortable and good every shouls go for honda bikes honda is always at top company ofr bikes in every things like sports or daily use bikes,and for things.all honda bikes has very nbice mileage, performance,cofortable ,looks, nice cc and nice in every things then you have to parchase honda bike.i have honda unicorn and honda shine from 5 years.and now it has anice mileage, performance an d evrythings.myuncle has a suzuki Gs150r from 4-5 years but its mileage and performance is worst.and he told me thatit is very uncomfortable to ride this bike for long ride and for small, honda bike is always niceeeeeee.if you buy6 anice bike then go for HONDAAAAAAAAAA.

  • sagar

    GS150 R or UNICORN..?
    which bike should i buy..l am confused..
    plz help me guys…i want a powerful engine, comforts and mileage

    • Shalu

      Suzuki GS150R is always a better choice than Unicorn,it has more powerfull engine,best ih class performance at mid & high range…looks unique & is a head turner for sure,service & resale value is far better than Unicorn.

  • safeer

    Hi iam parchis gs150 or other bick pls belive me ?

    • Shalu Sam [SBL]

      Hi Parchis,
      Suzuki GS150R is sure a better bike when compared against Honda Dazzler or any 150cc has everthing,super smooth refined engine,great performance,advanced technologies,6 speed gearbox,good mileage…best bike for long riding..solid build quality,unique looks & designing & very reliable bike that will last for years with less maintenance…surely go for Suzuki GS150R,its a really good bike u won’t regret it..test drive GS150R soon.. 🙂

  • Mano

    Hi all,
    Thanks for all reviews … i had a doubt regarding unicorn or gs .. from all the reviews i got clearance that both the bike is good… Now i will go with GS 150 r, but i want to know the on road price of gs 150 r now… please help me guys… In my area only one show room is there .. they told 77k…. guys help me with ur on road prices ….

  • Bharath

    Buy this bike… if you are an enemy of yourself.
    I have purchased a GS150R at IBays pvt ltd., Raj Bhavan Rd, Somajiguda. The engine got heated, the second day itself like hell and i can not keep legs on the foot rests and gear because of that heat it produces.

    As soon as i noticed this I handed over the machine to the same dealer. The mechanic says it is a 150cc Engine… it will heat up….
    If so… will 1000cc burn up?

    he is not ready to listen anything.

    I want to know if there is any department in Suzuki, India; called QUALITY CONTROL????? How can just a new machine get heated up for going under the speed of 50 KMPH? Finally when i asked him to touch my knee area and see how hot it became coz of the engine heat… he asked me to come tomorrow.

    I spent my one year saving and paid net cash of 73,000 yesterday to buy this bike and today i am again in the bus being crushed…..

    Guys…. I am no employee of another rival company… I know writing this review may decrease the reasale of the product I use…. But i don’t want to let this happen to someone like me.

    If Suzuki India don’t even test the engine properly before selling it, what about the entire bike? If you believe that you are most lucky and nothing can happen like this to you anytime… then go n buy this bike….

    • Bharath

      yesterday or even today i did not fight with the showroom guys… i just explained….. they also responed well today.
      They did not add the extra engine oil… but they emptied the oil checked it and filled again… opened fuel wall or something i don’t know small part of the engine, cleaned it… they let me stand there beside my bike… anb explained me that this engine gets hot easily and drops the heat also very fast… As it is summer.. i am experiencing more heat what they concluded…
      they drove it for 2 kms after that… engine was hot but not like yesterday….

      I bought it home.. just now… travelled the 25 kms back to home… and it was hot but not so weird like yesterday when i felt the heat on legs and feet.

      The mechanic made sure that it is gonna fine after the first service…..

      I will ask them to put that extra 150 ml also in the first service… which I am suggested by users in bike forums….Will post the update then….

      Except the heating problem of the engine… it is really an awesome bike…..
      Will post the result after the first service…..

      It is the most stable bike that ever rode and it has all the tech goodies. Can’t comment on mileage as it is the 3rd day for me.. with this bike…

      One thing important i learnt is… Talk with the manager of the showroom… explain him the problems… when he asks only the mechanics will listen to you respond. Yes, all this can happen at a Suzuki showrooms. They at least value the customer.

      • Bharath

        The engine heat problem got fixed up

        The engine got heated up due to the insufficient engine oil. They added 150 ml more yester day and the machine is fine now. I have got a call from the Suzuki showroom today. They asked me to give my feedback through mail as the showroom guys need to show Suzuki that my problem is solved. I am very happy that Suzuki India is following up with the showroom guys for every the complaints.
        And this is a terrific bike. I am more than Satisfied with my new GS150R.

  • Bharath

    I have got a call from the Suzuki showroom today. They asked me to give my feedback through mail as the showroom guys need to show Suzuki that my problem is solved. I am very happy that Suzuki India is following up with the showroom guys for every the complaints.

    And this is a terrific bike. I am more than Satisfied with my new GS150R. It is so stable. Even the laziest People give me way when i sound the double horn. The digital guage meter, 6th gear which is happy at as low as 32 KMPH is a boon for this bike. Even on roads with moderate traffic, i am able to drive in 6th gear. Road Grip is just awesome. And not to mention, it got those Monster looks that I always wanted with my bike.

    • Bharath

      My bike is now done with second service as well. I am very happy with my bike. It is so stable. Comfort is good. And i get a mileage of 48 KMPL.

      • Bharath

        Important Update:

        I read many reviews stating Head light of GS150R is poor. I bought a GS150R recently. I faced the same issue. I consulted the service center. They just adjusted the focal length of the head light and it is brighter now. If u face the same problem just get the focal length adjusted. IT WAS FIXED WITHOUT CHANGING LAMP OR ANYTHING.

        Most of the issues reported on GS150R are like this only. It is because of the service but there are no problems with the bike. It is the best bike i have driven.

  • dabbu

    unicorn is very good bike……………………

  • manish

    Dear friends,
    I want to buy gs150 but the dealer says that I have to pay him full amount then and then only he will order to the company, and I have to Waite for about a week.
    One more point to be consider is , there are very few gs150 seen on the roads. Is it a failed model?
    Please guide me in this regard.

  • Krishna

    I did not understand the dealer funda. GS 150R is a very good motorcycle. Do a test ride to believe it.

  • Manish

    Thanks Krishna for repply.

    Some of the guys wrote that the engine balancing technology from GS150R is removed, is it true?from where can we confirm?

    I liked GS but I am little hasitating because of the dealer behaviour and GS150’s very low sales.

    Please help me.

  • Om Jani

    Somebody posted a comment about the removal of the “ENGINE BALANCING TECHNOLOGY” from the new GS150R Please let me know the true status.
    What about the tires? why they are not tubeless? Why there is a difference between the price shown on website and the dealer price? Please clarify.

  • suhas

    I booked a Uni after being torn between the 2 – GS and UNI.
    Why I didn’t go for the GS (good as it):
    1. spares availability
    2. model uncertainty. Will this be another zeus / Heat ? Why is Suzuki struggling to move bikes? I don’t believe that if Suzuki spent more, the bike would sell. Access has a 2 month waiting period with the same advertising budget.

    Every time I see a GS, I wish I had booked that instead. It does to a desi biker what viagra does to an old man.

  • suhas

    @Manish July 22, 2012 at 11:03 am
    1. Engine balancer technology has not been removed. I read that on XBHP. Apparently Suzuki replied to one person who wrote to them asking about this. You too can do the same.
    2. Re. Dealer behavior: I think Suzuki waited for India to embrace them simply because of their name and perhaps because of their success in the car market. Suzuki also has a policy of limiting dealers to 6 per city. I think that is a mistake; they are not Royal Enfield to pay the premium card and wait for people to flock after their bikes.
    If I were a dealer, I would not stock a Suzuki bike and have my cash locked. Their attitude is understandable.

    I recommend the bike on its own merits though.

  • Manish

    Friends I purchased the GS. It’s amazing.
    Don’t worry for the spares, we may need spares once in 10years.
    But I have little disappointment, the dealer charged Rs. 1430/ more than the ex showroom price.
    Suzuki must take care of this.

  • Kishore K Barik

    This is Kishore from Kolkata(WB). I am 33 yrs old having 5’10” height and 70Kg weight. I am not a two wheeler driving expert you can say just beginner driver. Actually I am planning to book my first two wheeler in 10-12 days. My budget is around Rs.80000.
    I had selected two models which are currently available in market.

    Hero Honda Hunk
    Honda CB Dazzler

    I had gone through all of your reviews and comments about GS150R, which is really impressive and I added this Model in my list. 🙂

    GS150R is looking impressive in terms of technology. I had gone through the test drive of Hunk, which is very smooth two wheeler. Tomorrow I am going for testing Honda CB Dazzler.

    Friends it will be helpful for me if you suggest me a two wheeler based on following criteria orderly,

    First, Easy for handling.
    Second, Impressive mileage.
    Third, Long term longevity.
    then maintenance etc. etc. etc.

    After going through your reviews, I just fond of GS150R. Also if possible please suggest me a Showroom or Dealer of Suzuki GS150R in Kolkata where I can take a test drive.

    Thanks in advance

    With Regards

  • Prasad

    Helloo guys…..Im 30 yeras old man having 5”4 ft height.I am looking for a 150cc bike which is suitable for my family including child.Which one is better forme,cb unicorn or gs 150r?

  • king razer

    cb unicorn is sutable for you uncle…because fuel tank is big in gs150 so it is difficult to carry a child.



    Hi all,

    I am basically Automobile Engineer and I am having 7 years experience in Bike Service and Car Service field, you can close your eyes and can buy Honda Unicorn when compared to GS 150R, I recently bought a Unicorn before 3 months and going to reach 3000 kms,

    Below are the reasons why I say you to go to Unicorn

    1. One day your vehicle battery will fail, so your digital meter will fail till you repair your battery
    2. Lack of spare parts, (even in pudupet – Chennai) you will not get engine components, carburettor, and clutch plates and other main components even in outer markets
    3. Vast Service networks, having more dealerships near to our residential area
    4. In city traffic conditions, we dont have time to reach the 5th gear due to lots of signals and hugh traffic, nowadays people walk just like that in city roads.
    5. Even many local technicians know to work in Unicorn engines compared to suzuki, only suzuki technicians know to handle engine work, during emergency situations we first go to local technicians.
    6. Vehicle Resale value is more, compared to new Unicorn there are lots of customers who want to own Unicorn in 2nd hand.
    7. Investing on Unicorn in Reasonable.

    Thanks and regards,


    • tejas

      i dont think that unicorn is better than gs!…unicorn too has many problems dude …my friend regrets buying one!! engine overheats! & unicorn is too slow in 0-100…even discover 125 beats it!!

      • pkk

        Bro.i dun belive dat discover 125 beats jst cant be tru

    • shanakr

      Can you tell about Pulsar 150cc from your experienced view

  • Girish Kawade

    What is the mileage of Suzuki GS150 R ?

  • Rohan Kadam

    Hi guys,

    I feel GS150R is more more better then Unicorn, Pulser or any 150cc bike. Today I got test drive on highway. it’s pretty damn smoother, comfort, superb super braking, awesome digital console with new Eco n Power mode options. Also gear indications is pretty good. I m going to buy this on this Dashera… Love gs150r…

  • gurumurthy

    After having a long home work on whether to buy honda or gs150 r was a big challenge. Some reviews tell Honda is the Best, some tell Suzuki is the Best. I will tell you guys I had booked a Honda Unicorn for delivery on 14th Oct during Dussara, but the showroom executives have straight away informed that they will not deliver the vehicle on 14th October, as all the staff members would like to enjoy Holiday, if you want kindly take the delivery on 13th or take back the Money. Such is the attitute of Honda showroom people. But really amazing work done by Apple Suzuki who have promised to deliver the vehicle on 14th Oct, even if the show room is closed they will deliver the vehicle at my door steps. Still what else do you want. Why are you comparing so much. If the customer is happy he will surely pay more and buy a product which will satisfy his desire when riding on the road. In India Shubha Murth plays a very important role. Irrespective of the vehicle you buy, if you anything on a auscipious day that vehicle will give better result. I have one Car and Hero Honda for the past 13 years it is going on smoothly still no problem, some minor wear and tear is bound to happen.

    Hence for me GS150 R is is best bike. I have also taken a test ride. After taking the delivery I shall post my further review.

    Since being a customer and being in the sellers Market you are the king conquere every body, do not be carried away by the show room fellow.

  • binu skaria

    dear friends, you must know gs150r is the best bike i had ever seen. better performance better mileage. initial pick little bit slow but in 6th gear he will fly yaar.

  • str

    Go for Unicorn. I had a bad dealer service @ pondicherry, but luckily found a good mechanic. I found the default gear ration set by factory is wonderful. But unfortunately the service center people adjusted the gear ratio, and endup medium performance. If you buy unicorn make sure you ask them not to touch gear ratio.