More news coming from Indonesia; Kawasaki is all set to launch its newest motorcycle on the blocks, the surprise Kawasaki Z250SL, which we have so far referred to as the naked version of Ninja 250RR mono. And interestingly, it is coming earlier than the faired sibling on or before 30th April according to


This goes in accordance with Kawasaki’s international naming convention where it labels its naked motorcycles with the ‘Z’ moniker. [click to continue…]

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The GSX-R (often pronounced as Gixxer) series of bikes comprise of Suzuki’s sports bike lineup. If you count out the Gixxer, the smallest sportster wearing the GSX-R badge would be the GSX-R600. And I am not even saying that this middleweight is available on sale in our country or that it is expected in a year or two.


What we have instead is the upcoming 150cc Gixxer and the GW250 Inazuma. Yes, if you have something special for the ‘S’ logo and are out in the market for a small capacity commuter bike, you can have the GS150R, or one of the two variants of 125cc SlingShot or the 112cc Hayate. [click to continue…]


According to a leading news site “The time needed for a man to fall in love at first sight is 8.2 seconds, scientists claim. The longer a man’s gaze rests on a woman when they meet for the first time, the more interested he is. If it last just four seconds, he may not be all that impressed. But if it breaks the 8.2 second barrier, he could already be in love they say”. Just 0.1 sec less than it takes for this beauty to reach a 100kmph.

Hyosung-GT-250R-Review-Pic (9)

This beauty is the not so much talked about Hyosung GT250R. About 6 months back on the way to pick up a friend from the Ford service center, I missed a turn and lost my way only to find myself looking at a couple of red colored beasts basking in the sun at the Hyosung showroom. [click to continue…]


Just as we had talked about it a few days back, Yamaha is indeed on its way to launch the YZF-R15 motorcycle in the Indonesian market shortly.



Yamaha has also revealed the official prices of the much-awaited motorcycle and it is competitively priced at 28 million Indonesian Rupiah (OTR), which translates down to 1.47 lac Indian rupees. In contrast, the Honda CBR 150R is priced at 30 million Indonesian Rupiah (roughly 1.6 Lac Indian rupees). [click to continue…]

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Helmets and two-wheelers are two inseparable lovers! To make this love even stronger and accessible to more people, Steelbird has opened its Second RiderZ Shoppe Retail outlet at Virendra Nagar, New Delhi.

Steelbird-riderz-shop-delhi (3)

With these RiderZ Shops Steelbird is trying to provide motorcyclists, with a range of quality helmets, jackets, gloves, goggles and pannier boxes under one roof. There are plans to introduce more new and hi-tech biking gear in the near future. [click to continue…]


The trouble with going full Monty with MotoGP-speced road-legal supersports is that you won’t enjoy it for long. Obviously, when you spend a sizeable numbers of the hard earned, you expect it to be a long-term investment. The MotoGP kinda bikes though high on bike lovers’ to do list happen to be very uncomfortable bikes to ride.


The fully-committed air-cleaving riding position is good when the ride is fast but short; and you know that the road up ahead won’t pop-up surprises in the form of other motorists or pedestrian or an occasional animal, hence the dearth of MotoGP-geometry supersports in the market. What you can have though is the second best. [click to continue…]


This says it all! Upcoming United Motorcycles (UM), which for the first time showcased their products for in India at the Auto Expo 2014, is extremely serious about their Indian plans.


After having talked about them at various instances, here we have some real interesting news updates coming from Financial Express. [click to continue…]


After almost 14 days of BikeAdvice carrying out the launch story of new colour options for Yamaha’s complete FZ series, the company has shared with us an official press release just now.


There is nothing really new to talk about apart from the confirmation that these are only cosmetic enhancements and there are no mechanical mods at all. [click to continue…]