Activa’s Competitor & Wego‘s Successor – TVS ‘JUPITER’ Clearmost Spyshots

by Saad on September 12, 2013

The Scooter segment has been a gold mine for Honda. With a major market share, Activa enjoys sole supremacy in the automatic scooter segment. After the exit of Bajaj, the south based manufacturer TVS has been trying to make an impression in this wide open segment.

TVS-Jupiter-Scooter (2)

TVS’ both Scooty Pep and Wego have been quite successful and the recently launched Wego with handy features has been received well by the customers. However, despite being a good package, it has failed to stack up against the mighty Honda Activa.

Looks like TVS has now taken steps to mend this by bringing in an automatic scooter which will be placed above the TVS Wego in terms of size, feature and price. The flagship model will face the segment heavyweights like Honda Activa and Suzuki Access in sales and help TVS build up market share in the ever growing scooter segment.


The new scooter from TVS has been caught testing regularly near TVS’ manufacturing plant in Hosur. BikeAdvice has already featured a set of revealing spy pics of the test mule snapped by one of our readers (Check them here). And now Motor Vikatan has come up with some clearer and revealing spyshots of the scooter, caught testing in the southern district of Namakal.

These latest spyshots reveal a classic and plain front styling. A convex- concave sculpted V-shape which flows down from the headlight to the mudguard adds a chiseled look to the front. The bulbous front mudguard also compliments the front. The headlamps look majestic and well carved.

The front turn indicators feature a ‘beast eye’ look and adds to the masculine look of the scooter. The three quarter profile of the scooter shows a stark resemblance with Activa. The rear of the scooter is bigger in size and features the handy fuel tank lid just below the grab rails.

TVS-Jupiter-Scooter (3)

The instrument cluster is basic, neat and plain. The fit and finish of the vehicle looks at par with the segment standards. We see a new redesigned key hole similar to the one seen on Hondas. The Scooter will feature larger 12 inch alloy wheels a step up from the competition’s standard of 10 inches.

Against the speculations of a possible 125cc engine, chances are ripe that this scooter may continue with the same 110cc engine from Wego, possibly in a better tune.

According to Team-BHP, this new scooter has been labelled as ‘JUPITER’.  In Greek mythology, Jupiter is the thunder God and TVS would want to launch Jupiter with a bang for others to notice. It is expected to be priced around the 50k-55k mark if this is a 110cc engine. Anything over this and we begin to feel the lack of Front and Rear Disc brakes and 125 CC engine.

Launch is expected sometime this month, possibly in a few days from now. With the big four – Honda, Yamaha, TVS, Suzuki in aggressive mode, the scooter segment is up for a makeover.

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-by Saravana Priyan

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faisal September 12, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Now some one needs to launch Mars, Venus, etc names for scooters, interesting. Let’s see how this scooter does.


SID September 12, 2013 at 9:01 pm

I have seen this vehicle in my neighbourhood TVS showroom while I was there for a regular service of my WEGO. This vehicle is better than activa in terms of looks and can kill the competition with 12inch rubber and good telescopic dampers. Waiting for a test drive and planning to trade-in my 6months old WEGO for this one.


avsatishchandra September 13, 2013 at 11:59 am

If you do believe that Indian companies can do better than Japanese companies, the first thing that you notice is how good the Wego is in comparison to the Honda Activa. Its larger wheels and the lack of top heavy feeling (which is there in the Activa) make it possible to ride the Wego a bit like a motorcycle. I have had one for two years now and have had no opportunity to complain about it. I think TVS is getting to Japanese standards since by Venu Srinivasan’s own admission Honda quality is what TVS has bench marked. The Wego is probably there. I wait to see what this new scooter will be. If it is not a 125cc then that is a huge disappointment. I would also be very disappointed if it does not handle as well as the Wego (which is a possibility because this scooter is lacking in slimness). I know that TVS had made a very good engine for their geared Spectra four stroke scooter. I had driven that extensively and the engine had been quite smooth. I wonder why TVS is not coupling that engine to a CVT and giving us the option of a bigger scooter. Incidentally the Spectra was a decent handling machine and TVS was so confident about it that they called it their biggest project and got no less a person than Fellini to unveil the scooter in a magical performance in Delhi. The scooter failed because it was ahead of its time and the scooter market was taking big hits from the motorcycle market. Anyway it will be good to see TVS realise their ambition of being players of consequence in the scooter segment.


S S Matharu September 13, 2013 at 2:47 pm

Wego could not create slightest of ripples for Activa. If TVS really want to challenge Activa, it should bring something extra may be bigger engin and some premium featurese. 110 cc engine will not fare better than Wego.


Crazywheels September 13, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Is it a TVS Activa. They have already mixed the features of Activa and Wego. In my opinion its an Activa with front telescopic suspension and rear external oil filler cap- a welcome note by TVS. I am sure to say Wego is more good than Access and Mahindra rodeo.


om September 14, 2013 at 8:41 pm

there is need for 100cc-125cc geared scooters so that 55-60 kmpl in actual conditions is gained.these gearless scooters don’t give more than 30-35 in actual conditions.


True September 15, 2013 at 11:19 pm

Here are the special features of this scooter:
Telescopic front suspension = better stability and comfort on bad roads.
Bigger 12-inch wheels = better stability and easy handling/turning.
Rear fuel filler = valuables, food items, women’s personal items can remain hidden and locked in storage while refueling.
Front discount brake will also come on this scooter = better and more reliable braking.
Hope it gets a wider and lower handlebar for easy turning.

Activate still comes with outdated front suspension. When will Honda bring a scooter with telescopic front suspension, bigger 12-inch wheels, front discount brake, and lower handlebar?


yila September 15, 2013 at 11:34 pm

Only in India we can see “this big scooters” without disk brakes! Of course “Zero” star crash test rated cars as well!


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